Bankruptcies, September 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Gary L. Tiffany, case no. 11-20165-KAO, filed Aug. 26.

Robert A. and Erin W. Patrick, case no. 11-20198-KAO, filed Aug. 26.

Mary S. Stecher, case no. 11-20280-KAO, filed Aug. 30.

Michael J. and Sandra L. Wray, case no. 11-20281-KAO, filed Aug. 30.

Tena M. Johnson, case no. 11-20294-KAO, filed Aug. 30.

Randy R. Eidsvik, case no. 11-20346-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Cory A. and Lisa A. Anderson, case no. 11-20422-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Charles E. and Staci I. Weinheimer, case no. 11-20432-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Bradley J. Martin, case no. 11-20438-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

David W. Wiggins, case no. 11-20510-KAO, filed Sept. 1.

Adrienne A. Manwaring, case no. 11-20529-KAO, filed Sept. 2.

Lindsay E. Vankatwijk, case no. 11-20541-KAO, filed Sept. 2.

John W. and Adele L. Kirby, case no. 11-20642-KAO, filed Spet. 8.

LaurieJean R. and David A. Wright Sr., case no. 11-20676-KAO, filed Sept. 8.

Jennifer L. Fleck, case no. 11-20707-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Karen and Dionis Agustin, case no. 11-20722-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Justin W. Holland, case no. 11-20726-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Kwang I. and Have S. Park, case no. 11-20728-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Kurt D. and Dawn R. Bush, case no. 11-20732-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Gregory A. and Peggy J. Hollingsworht, case no. 11-20741-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Christopher J. Held, case no. 11-20868-KAO, filed Sept. 14.

John B. Sterret, case no. 11-20889-KAO, filed Sept. 15.

Laura R. Nichols, case no. 11-20913-KAO, filed Sept. 15.

Dorothy A. and Ronald E. Applegate Jr., case no. 11-20914-KAO, filed Sept. 15.

Brenda E. and Charles T. Hardwick Jr., case no. 11-20920-KAO, filed Sept. 15.

Earl W. Kale, case no. 11-20987-KAO, filed Sept. 16.

Theodore A. Hilleary, case no. 11-21052-KAO, filed Sept. 19.

Cynthia L. DuVal, case no. 11-21163-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

William P. and Tamara L. Gonzalez, case no. 11-21174-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

Michael and Melanie K. Marantz, case no. 11-21176-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

Randy C. Kallerson, case no. 11-21180-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

Randolph D. and Jennifer S. Stewart, case no. 11-21200-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

Daniel J. Pry, case no. 11-21201-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

John P. Sheehan, case no. 11-21207-KAO, filed Sept. 22.

Tabetha Brisbin, case no. 11-21219-KAO, filed Sept. 23.

Chapter 13

Vernon L. Sanders, case no. 11-20195-KAO, filed Aug. 26.

Charlene D. Paz, case no. 11-20369-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Lisa M. Castro, case no. 11-20382-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Stephanie L. Brendle, case no. 11-20405-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Gordon O. and Shirley J. Maxwell, case no. 11-20423-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Ralph B. Johnson, case no. 11-20448-KAO, filed Aug. 31.

Beau G. Hyde, case no. 11-20509-KAO, filed Sept. 1.

Gary E. and Sarah A. Kentner, case no. 11-20636-KAO, filed Sept. 7.

Cheryl M. and Faatui T. Laolagi Jr., case no. 11-20690-KAO, filed Sept. 8.

Kevin S. and Nora Weaver, case no. 11-20723-KAO, filed Sept. 9.

Jared M. Reeve, case no. 11-20764-KAO, filed Sept. 12.

Douglas W. and Katie L. Clark, case no. 11-20890-KAO, filed Sept. 15.

Patrick A. and Vicki D. Locker, case no. 11-20939-KAO, filed Sept. 15.


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