Bankruptcies, September 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Tifany D. Sperry Coleman, case no. 12-19710-KAO. Filed Sept. 22.

Geri Margaret Alder, case no. 12-19704-KAO. Filed Sept. 21.

Glenda Peterson, case no. 12-19700-KAO. Filed Sept. 21.

Benjamin James Zender, case no. 12-19695-KAO. Filed Sept. 21.

Teresa Michelle Loree, case no. 12-19653-KAO. Filed Sept. 21.

Timothy Daniel Clarke, case no. 12-19595-KAO. Filed Sept. 19.

Justin Charles Dahmer and Kelly Ann Dahmer, case no. 12-19572-KAO. Filed Sept. 19.

Tuyt Bach Thi Le, case no. 12-19530-KAO. Filed Sept. 18.

Loren Jon Soderbom, case no. 12-19410-KAO. Filed Sept. 13.

Darrell Edwin Larson, case no. 12-19405-KAO. Filed Sept. 13.

Lori Claire Robinson, case no. 12-19382-KAO. Filed Sept. 12.

Dawn Michelle Zender, case no. 12-19366-KAO. Filed Sept. 12.

Lyle Edward Leritz and Bernadette Lois Leritz, case no. 12-19363-KAO. Filed Sept. 12.

William Ernest Bolster, case no. 12-19299-KAO. Filed Sept. 10.

Lloyd Ednalino Villanueva and Hanneloe Lapitan Villanueva, case no. 12-19249-KAO. Filed Sept. 7.

Miguel Clemente and Carmen Clemente, case no. 12-19219-KAO. Filed Sept. 6.

Jeffrey Randall Doyle, case no. 12-19090-KAO. Filed Aug. 31.

Bryan Douglas Forsloff and Andrea Dawn Forsloff, case no. 12-19048-KAO. Filed Aug. 31.

Jeremy Dale Birklid an Arcadia Rose Birklid, case no. 12-19042-KAO. Filed Aug. 31.

Senen Hill Barragan, case no. 12-19036-KAO. Filed Aug. 31.

Charles Bryan Neff, case no. 12-18998-KAO. Filed Aug. 30.

Radley Kekoa Muller, case no. 12-18956-KAO. Filed Aug. 29.

Timothy Patrick Chandler and Mistie Gail Chandler, case no. 12-18939-KAO. Filed Aug. 29.

Patrick Damian Kelm and Debra Lu Kelm, case no. 12-18935-KAO. Filed Aug. 29.

Andrea Karen Ames, case no. 12-18834-KAO. Filed Aug. 27.

Chapter 11

No cases reported.

Chapter 13

Matthew Allan Noble Smith, case no. 12-19616-KAO. Filed Sept. 20.

Harold Eugene Jones and Sheldra Gwyn Jones, case no. 12-19473-KAO. Filed Sept. 14.

Nickolla Marie Hudson and John Donald Hudson, case no. 12-19441-KAO. Filed Sept. 14.

Jon Thomas Gergen, case no. 12-19377-KAO. Filed Sept. 12.

Robert Arestad, case no. 12-19237-KAO. Filed Sept. 7.

Patricia Lynn Schuetze, case no. 12-19142-KAO. Filed Sept. 4.

John Henry Nunn, case no. 12-19124-KAO. Filed Sept. 4.

Whatcom County bankruptcies are obtained from public records on file with the U.S. bankruptcy court. Listings are subject to change and are only current as of the filing date.

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