Bellingham college students complete internships with medical claims processor

Sirius Medical Billing announced eight medical billing and coding students from Bellingham colleges have completed internships.

Amelia Hamilton, Ashleigh Johnson-Mullins, Connie Rodriquez, Patricia Lynn Hadeen, Diljeet Dhillon, Ekinderjeet Dhillon, Junita Stevens and Vicki Naumen all interned with the medical insurance claims processing company in 2011.

The interns came from Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Technical College and the University of Phoenix.

“SMB provides up-to-date training and a relaxed professional environment where students feel comfortable demonstrating existing skills and learning new ones that are applicable to this dynamic field,” Airane Hayes, WCC medical assisting program coordinator, said in Feb. 16 press release.

Update (Feb. 17): Due to errors contained in a press release, the names of Ashleigh Johnson-Mullins and Patricia Lynn Hadeen  were misspelled. We apologize for these errors. The BBJ makes corrections promptly. If one is necessary, please email 

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