Bellingham engineering firm opens city's first "coworking" space in Wellspring Building

The civil engineering firm 2020 ENGINEERING, along with Coworking LLC, has opened the first Bellingham “coworking” space at the firm’s Wellspring Building, 814 Dupont St.

More than 750 similar coworking spaces exist across the U.S., allowing independent workers and small startups to work side by side.

There is space for six solo business in the Wellspring Building.

The collaboration between Coworking LLC and 2020 ENGINEERING resulted from a Sustainable Connections member luncheon.

As Renata B. Kowalczyk, co-founder of Coworking LLC, gave a presentation on coworking in Bellingham, Jessie Buehrer of 2020 ENGINEERING realized that in addition to the eight businesses already using his firm’s office building, coworking could be an ideal way to use their remaining open space.

“The benefits of having like-minded businesses in the same building are many,” Jessie and Mark Buehrer, owners of 2020 ENGINEERING, said in a March 12 press release. “In our building we all share a passion for sustainable methodologies, from civil engineering and green building to green products like infrared heating, PV solar panels and indoor air and water filtration systems—but the number one reason folks move in is for the sense of community we have here.”

Coworking LLC is a Washington state company that creates, manages and operates
coworking facilities and shared office environments.

“In today’s new economy, coworking space is a perfect office solution for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses,” Kowalczyk said. “Coworking gives them access to an office desk, shared conference rooms, kitchen, bathroom, wireless and printing at a much lower cost than a traditional office rental. It’s cost efficient, sustainable, and the presence of other businesses also creates opportunities for synergy, client
referrals and collaboration.”

For more information, contact Renata at or Jessie at

Coworking LLC is online at

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