Bellingham environmental company KES adds stormwater service

Bellingham’s Kulshan Environmental Services marked its one year anniversary this month by adding a new program to its core consulting business.

KES now provides full-service residential and commercial stormwater system evaluation and maintenance in northwest Washington, the company announced recently. This service “helps property owners protect and maintain their stormwater facilities by providing annual inspections, system evaluations, facility improvement plans and maintenance support.”

Stormwater system owners include commercial facilities, condo and homeowner associations, apartment complexes, schools, and churches.

“People tend to not pay attention to stormwater systems, but they dot our landscape,” David Roberts, principal at KES, said in a release. “Many ponds have trees and noxious weeds growing in them. Others have too much sediment or periodically clog with debris. With increased emphasis on stormwater pollution by local and state governments, we aim to help stormwater facility owners protect their asset and prevent stormwater from adversely affecting nearby waters. Our clients see their ponds as an asset, not a liability,”

KES also provides communications, planning, project management and decision support services on a range of environmental initiatives. The company can be reached at


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