Bellingham LWV to discuss 'Privatization as Public Policy' at March 17 forum

The League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County invites the public to join them at their March 17 general meeting entitled:  “Privatization as Public Policy.” It will be held in the Downstairs Conference Room of the Bellingham Public Library at 210 Central Ave from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Guest Speakers will include:

• Nora Leach, a Seattle LWV Member and LWVUS Privatization Study Committee Member. – her topic is “What can we learn from other state’s experiences with privatizing public assets and services?”

• Gene Knutson, Bellingham City Councilmember, will speak on “What have we learned in Bellingham and how can the public’s need for transparency and accountability be insured?”

This is a League consensus meeting. Following the speakers league members will have a discussion, then will work to reach consensus on this topic.  This process helps the League determine their positions on different issues. Consensus is not a simple majority, nor unanimity; rather it is the overall sense of the group as expressed through the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Non-League members are invited to join the League if they wish to participate in the consensus process, or can just come to hear the speakers. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

Contact:  Annette Holcomb @ or 734-2366

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