Bellingham Marina completes dock for $7.5 million Florida project

Bellingham Marina recently completed work on a city-owned marina in Dania Beach, Fla., just south of Fort Lauderdale.  The Bellingham-based company built a dock system for the $7.5 million project that they call the first dock system of its type.

The floating concrete dock has 120 dock slips for boats up to 50 feet long, according to Bellingham Marina’s website. Floating sections of concrete dock are connected by plastic beams called walers, which run the length of the dock. Fiberglass rods connect the beams to the concrete sections of dock.

The plastic walers are a gentle on boat hulls, and help distribute force throughout the dock to help the structure endure turbulent water, according to Bellingham Marina’s fact sheet on its dock construction. The docks are designed to last for 50 years.

Dania Beach Mayor Walter Duke said in a press release, “We’re just thrilled to have the opportunity to create a highly efficient, well located and beautiful new marina that will be an asset for residents and visitors alike.”


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