Bellingham Marine expands European operations, partners with Spanish manufacturing firm

Bellingham Marine and C.M. Ferrer S.A. announced they have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

C.M. Ferrer is now licensed to manufacture and sell Bellingham Marine’s marina systems including its Unifloat concrete floating dock system and its Unideck aluminum pontoon system.

“The Bellingham Marine brand and its range of products are among the most recognizable in the world, and this agreement gives us an opportunity to leverage that brand recognition to enter into the European marina industry,” Josep Casellas, president of C.M. Ferrer, said in an April 5 press release. “This marks a significant expansion for C.M. Ferrer and demonstrates our ability to offer a broad range of products and construction services.”

C.M. Ferrer is part of a family group of businesses that have a manufacturing cluster in Spain’s Girona province. The company has a 55-year history in metal engineering and fabrication.

For the past several years, the company has supported Bellingham Marine’s European manufacturing operations by supplying the metalwork for the Unifloat system. C.M. Ferrer’s group also owns Bellingham Marine’s existing facilities in Girona.

“We’re thrilled to unite Bellingham Marine’s unparalleled experience in the marina construction industry with C.M. Ferrer’s expertise in the local market,” said Everett Babbitt, president of Bellingham Marine. “In partnership with C.M. Ferrer, [Bellingham Marine] will be better positioned to serve clients in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.”

Chris Lamont, general manager of Bellingham Marine’s European operations, said his division’s lead staff members have been retained by C.M. Ferrer.

Bellingham Marine operates operates 10 manufacturing plants and 18 offices worldwide. It recently moved its corporate headquarters to 1323 Lincoln St. in Bellingham. The company is online at

C.M. Ferrer is online at

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