Bellingham Mediation offers alternative to litigation

Sheri Russell recently launched Bellingham Mediation, offering private and commercial mediation, facilitation and consulting on a broad spectrum of issues, including divorces, parenting plans, parent-teen mediation, workplace issues and conflicts and contract disputes.

Russell has more than 16 years of experience as a professional mediator, attorney, workplace consultant and facilitator.

“I help parties resolve issues and create agreements in a collaborative, interest-based manner, without the high financial and emotional costs and lengthy time frame associated with litigation,” Russell said in a press release.

Russell added that her experience as an attorney enables her to draft thorough agreements that judges and attorneys appreciate. Russell said her mediation style is complementary to attorneys; she strongly encourages her clients to obtain legal advice and have an attorney review any mediated agreement before it takes effect.

Russell has conducted hundreds of mediations and group facilitations. She also provides workplace consulting, policy audits and drafting, workplace complaint investigations, and supervisor coaching.

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