Bellingham piano teacher starts Discovery Music Academy

In an effort to make music exciting and rewarding for children, local piano instructor Mary Walby has launched Discovery Music Academy, an instruction program that not only teaches piano, but also explores ways in which music enriches the lives of students.

Walby has been teaching piano in Bellingham for seven years. She specializes in teaching beginners and intermediate students ages 8-10 years old. Lessons, which run from 40 minutes to one hour, are taught at Piper Music in Bellingham’s Fountain District.

In addition to piano lessons, Walby conducts group lessons and arranges music-related field trips. She also encourages her students to include and discuss their favorite popular music during lessons.

“I want to appeal to my students’ outside interests that may help to spur their mastery of piano,” Walby said, in a press release.

Walby, who has been teaching and performing music for more than 25 years, established a studio in Bellingham after completing piano and pedagogy studies at Washington State University.

Along with teaching piano, Walby also performs music for weddings and other special events.

For more information, Mary Walby can be reached at 360-527-9626.

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