Bellingham ranks sixth in the nation for starting a new business

According to a new Advisor Smith study, Bellingham ranks 6th in the midsize city category where Americans are most likely to start a new business. Bellingham places just after Bend, OR and just before Naples, FL on the list. Number one on the midsize city list was Boulder, CO. Cities were analyzed using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau. The ranking was based on the number of new businesses per 1,000 people. What the research found is that Bellingham had 3.8 new businesses per 1,000 people, 64 percent higher than the national average. There were about 5,200 Bellingham businesses with at least one employee. Washington ranked second on the list of states where Americans start the most businesses with about 4.61 establishment openings per 1,000 people. To see the full results of the report visit

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