Bellingham Tap Trail map grows in second printing

Bellingham Tap Trail is releasing its spring/summer beer map on March 1 and printing twice as many copies as it did in its first run.

Compared to the last map, this one has two extra stops, a new look, and new prizes for visiting all 16 beer-centric businesses.

The passport section of the map has spots for participants to collect stamps as they visit each business on the map. Those who get eight stamps on their passports will win a bike-shaped bottle opener key chain. Silicone pint glasses made by Silipint are the prize for visiting all 16 locations.

This year, the Bellingham Tap Trail will print 20,000 maps. Maps will be available at all tap trail locations, as well as restaurants, hotels and other businesses throughout the county, according to a press release.

Bellingham Tap Trail started producing maps last year. The company plans to guide brewery tours in the future.

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