Big Fresh Media, Troy Muljat launch real estate iPhone app

Local web development company Big Fresh Media recently released a free app for iPhones that analyzes potential real estate investments.

The Investment Property Valuator (IPV) app calculates cash flow in either three-, five-, or 10-year investment periods. It supplies instant statistics such as annual income growth rate and the return of the investment.

Troy Muljat, a real estate broker with the Muljat Group and co-owner of Landmark Real Estate Management, originally created IPV as a spreadsheet for his personal use. With the help of Big Fresh Media, the spreadsheet has been reinvented as an iPhone app available to everyone. Muljat is now working with Big Fresh Media to create a more detailed, property-specific app that is scheduled for release later this spring.

Big Fresh Media, founded in 2003, offers a range of design services, from programming to Web design to database development.

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