Bill McKibben to visit WWU, May 17

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben will give a presentation at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 17, on the main stage of Western Washington University’s Performing Arts Center.

His presentation, which is part of WWU’s Western Reads program, is titled “350: The Most Important Number in the World,” in reference to leading climatologists’ estimate of the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere (in parts per million) that represents a “tipping point” to future calamity.

Tickets for the event cost $12 ($10 for students) and can be purchased at the WWU Box Office, or by calling 360-650-6146 or visiting

McKibben’s 1989 book, “The End of Nature,” is among the first books on climate change written for a general audience.

McKibben is also the founder of, a global organization that organizes climate-change awareness campaigns.

For more information on McKibben’s visit or the Western Reads program, contact Dawn Dietrich at

Update (April 3, 2014): 

Bill McKibben will also be a guest on an edition of the Chucknut Radio Hour, which will be recorded for KMRE-FM before a live audience at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.; attendees must be seated by 6:45 p.m.) on Friday, May 16, in Whatcom Community College’s Syre Auditorium.

The show will also feature musical guest, Dana Lyons. More information is available online.

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