The Bistro on Magnolia Street opens for business

Kyle Lynch and Alexander Moore's love of local food, sustainability and community came to life downtown Oct. 10 with the...

By Ryan Wynne

Nona Rosa’s may be closed, but 113 E. Magnolia St. didn’t stay quiet for long. Portland, Ore. restaurateur Kyle Lynch and business partner Alexander Moore held a soft opening for The Bistro on Magnolia Street Oct. 10, just about 40 days after Nona Rosa’s closed.

This is Lynch’s third restaurant. He sold his first restaurant in Cannon Beach, Ore. two years ago and currently owns Everett Street Bistro in Portland, which he is planning to sell so he can focus on his Bellingham endeavor. He and Moore didn’t move to Bellingham just to open a restaurant, though.

“It was more that we decided to move to Bellingham and the restaurant was just something that evolved,” Moore said. “I think that Bellingham is a total gem.”

The restaurant is loosely French inspired, but still very much an American bistro, Moore said. A grand opening celebration will be held Oct. 16 and marked with free cheese tasting and complementary orders of Danish pancakes.

The menu contains everything from Hungarian mushroom soup, steak tartare and caramelized onion tarts, to macaroni and cheese, burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. In addition to your everyday and not-so-everyday lunch fare, The Bistro also serves a variety of breakfast items, including egg scrambles and corned beef and hash.

When asked to categorize the food served at the restaurant, Moore summed it up with two words: “Crowd pleasers,” he said.

In addition to pleasing patrons with their menu items, Moore and Lynch may also please customers and local farmers with their focus on local ingredients.

“We could get lettuce from California, or we could get lettuce from five miles away,” Moore said. “We are in a very productive region and we want to honor that and celebrate it.”

Buying from local growers helps to ensure money earned locally is spent locally, it allows them to connect to local farmers and fresh food just tastes better, Moore said. The move to buy locally produced food is gaining momentum in Bellingham, Moore said, and it’s thriving in Portland.

Supporting a strong local food system is important to Moore — so much so that at college he created his own degree that combined urban planning and food systems. He also has a knack for sweets and will be designing the dessert menu soon. And, once The Bistro expands its hours, those desserts will be served on the late-night, limited menu, which will also include coffee, cocktails and shared plates, Lynch said.

For now, The Bistro is open every day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m, but Moore said they want to start serving dinner by early November. After that they will further expand their hours and, on the second Sunday of every month, begin hosting a family-style dinner and a movie with a “kid-friendly” early showing and more adult-oriented film later in the evening.

For more information, call (360) 255-2050. The website,, will be up soon.

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9 thoughts on “The Bistro on Magnolia Street opens for business

  1. Considering Nona Rosa’s was our absolute favorite place to eat, it would be hard for me to eat in the space without feeling guilty. Though I know the Bistro has nothing to do with them closing, when Nona Rosa’s was able to stay in business, the landlord had already rented the space to them.
    Sad, sad….

  2. I can’t wait to try this restaurant- it sounds like it could be a very positive (and delicious) place!

    1. no. This place is not run by good people. spread the word. People (read former employees, small vendors, investors and farmers) have suffered because this man failed to pay his debts. His former business was shut down, His equipment seized and sold, the landlord put a sign in the window and a former employee is suing him for sexual harassment. DO NOT EAT HERE

  3. I’m excited to try the restaraunt too, and it’s good to see another Portland transplant to Bellingham!

  4. The owner, Kyle Lynch, shut down his restaurant in Portland, Oregon. He never paid his employees for their last two weeks of work and he apparently refused to verify claims for unemployment. If you’d like to give this kind of person money, this is the place to eat!

  5. The owner of this bistro is shady! He has left quite the mess back in Portland. This is not a personal attack but rather a statement of fact. His business was seized. He failed to pay rent, investors, vendors, and worst of all employees. I would really caution the people of Bellingham to stay away from this place. If you are an employee, start looking for other jobs. If you are are a vendor or local farmer, only take cash. TRUST ME, this man is notorious for ripping people off so he can live beyond his means.

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