Border traffic update: low but steady in June

Border traffic into Whatcom County in June was lower than previous years but steady when compared to recent months.

During the month, 1,258,958 travelers crossed the five Whatcom County border crossings, according to data from Western Washington University’s Border Policy Research Institute. That’s down about 12 percent from June 2014 but it’s 29,086 more than crossed in May 2015.

The year-over-year decline is slightly less than in previous months. The data shows a 13 percent annual decline for May 2015 and a 17 percent annual decline for April 2015.

The Canadian dollar dropped several cents when compared to the U.S. dollar this month after a Bank of Canada benchmark rate adjustment on July 14. The Canadian dollar is currently worth 77 cents, which is likely affecting border traffic into Whatcom County now.

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