BTC, WWU reach agreement on student transfer degrees

Bellingham Technical College’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences program and Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment have entered an agreement that will allow students who earn a transfer degree from BTC in fisheries and aquatic sciences to pursue a bachelor’s in environmental studies or geography at Huxley.

“A strong working relationship between BTC and WWU is a win-win for our community,” said Patricia McKeown, BTC’s president, in a press release. “BTC graduates need the opportunity to seek additional education in their fields of study and this pathway provides just that.  We continue to look for ways to enhance our degrees to provide students and the workforce with the right education that meets this goal. We are delighted to have this partnership. I commend staff from both colleges in working diligently to accomplish this goal.”

The Paul Allen Foundation grant provided resources to support the partner colleges working together to insure curriculum met the requirements at Huxley College’s environmental Sciences program.

WWU Provost Catherine Riordan said the agreement was another chapter in the partnership between BTC and WWU to meet the educational needs of the community.

“Fisheries and the health of our environment will be strengthened as these individuals carry out projects as students, and later enter careers, well-equipped with knowledge in their field, hands-on experience, and a broad understanding of the world that comes from a four-year degree,” Riordan said, in a press release.

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