Building permits, 1/22 to 1/29/2013


410 W. Bakerview Road 108, $35,000 for commercial tenant improvement: complete shell space into restaurant: Krumbz Deli. Permit No.: BLD2012-00487. Issued Jan. 25.

2332 James St., $150,000 for commercial tenant improvement: remodel former mower shop to create clothing store: Labels. Permit No.: BLD2012-00509. Issued Jan. 24.

2336 James St., $25,000 for commercial tenant improvement: remodel of former mower shop to create nail salon: Polished Nails. Permit No. BLD2012-00508. Issued Jan. 24.

1021 Harris Ave., $185,000 for tenant improvement: complete shell space in new building for donut/coffee shop: Rocket Donuts. Contractor: Pearson Construction Group. Permit No.: BLD2012-00505. Issued Jan. 22.

110 W. Stuart Road, $36,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel to combine several tenant spaces into one retail furniture store: United Furniture. Contractor: Keystone Construction GW Inc. Permit No.: BLD2012-00506. Issued Jan. 22.


2227 Midway Lane, $120,000 for foundation only for new commercial warehouse and offices for Cesco Solutions (see BLD2012-00120 for building). Permit No.: BLD2013-00023. Accepted Jan. 25.

4165 Hannegan Road, $100,000 for commercial: construct watchmen’s living quarters on second floor of existing building. Applicant: Fuller Building Design. Permit No.: BLD2013-00026. Accepted Jan. 25.

1315 W. Bakerview Road, $72,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create bed store. Applicant and contractor: Franks Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00024. Accepted Jan. 25.

140 E. Bellis Fair Parkway, $65,000 for new 32-foot by 72-foot storage building to support WECU financial offices. Permit No.: BLD2012-00479. Accepted Jan. 25.

4131 Hannegan Road 101, $20,000 for tenant improvement: create bakery with seating/dining area, gift shop and customer decorating area. Tenant: Dragonfrog Gallery & Gifts. Permit No.: BLD2013-00003. Accepted Jan. 24.

1401 6th St. 102, $10,000 for commercial tenant improvement, change of use and occupancy from a manufacturing area to an assembly. Permit No.: BLD2012-00434. Accepted Jan. 24.

2075 Barkley Blvd. 105, $60,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create additional exam room and office space. Applicant: Ross Architecture NW. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00018. Accepted Jan. 23.

120 W. Holly St., $25,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create wine bar: Vinostrology. Contractor: Driven Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00019. Accepted Jan. 23.

300 E. Bellis Fair Parkway, $7 million for tenant improvement: remodel and add to existing retail space and other portions of building for new grocery store and two future additional shell tenant spaces: WinCo. Permit No.: BLD2012-00406. Accepted Jan. 22.

3960 Meridian St. 101, $246,140 in tenant improvement: new facade, interior walls, new fixtures and new ADA restrooms. Permit No.: BLD2013-00017. Accepted Jan. 22.

400 W. Holly St., $175,000 for commercial tenant improvement: Soy House. Permit No.: BLD2012-00469. Accepted Jan. 22.

104 N. Commercial St., $12,000 for commercial: install half wall and interior finished in “Boss Room” on upper level for storage area: Mount Baker Theatre. Permit No.: BLD2013-00016. Accepted Jan. 22.

103 E. Holly St. 202-205, $10,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create four additional office spaces on the second floor. Applicant and contractor: Sondale Homes Company. Permit No.: BLD2013-00002. Accepted Jan. 22.

Building permits are obtained from public records on file with the city of Bellingham. These listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more. Additional information can be found on the city’s website.

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