Building permits, February 2009

The following recent building permit activity includes permits for commercial projects valued at $10,000 or more, and residential homes valued at $250,000 or more.



1355 Civic Field Way, $100,000 for new 450-square-foot CMU structure to house 60kW diesel generator. Owner: City of Bellingham. Applicant: Rick Cardoza.

4365 Meridian St., $140,000 for tenant improvement: enlarge existing restaurant and remodel residential space. Owner: George and Margaret Phan. Applicant: George Phan.

102 W. Stuart Road, $100,000 for tenant improvement: 1,224-square-foot coffee shop with a drive-thru window. Owner: John Volken Foundation. Applicant: Stantec.

902 N. State St. Suite 105, $80,000 for tenant improvement: combine spaces 105-108 for new restaurant: New York Pizza. This proposal includes a new storefront. Owner: Shamrock Properties LLC. Applicant: Grinstad & Wagner Architects. Tenant: New York Pizza.

2222 Pacific St., $61,734 for new commercial 1,288-square-foot storage building for vehicles and inventory; includes office and accessible restroom. Owner: Scott Gray and Linderman Holding LLC. Applicant: Pioneer Post & Frame.

4100 Deener Road, $1,600,000 for new four-story, 16-unit apartment building. Owner: Sergey Savchuk and Svetlana. Contractor: Arrow Construction & Excavation. Applicant: Sean Hegstad.

4545 Cordata Parkway Suite B102, $28,000 to add bathroom, dressing room and anteroom to MRI. Owner: Koniag Development Corp.

1005 Harris Ave., $30,000 for tenant improvement to change existing retail space to cupcake shop; bring restroom to accessibility compliance; add kitchen equipment to upstairs loft area. Owner: Jacaranda Land Corporation. Applicant: Stone Canyon Construction. Tenant: Kate’s Cupcakes.

BT Western Washington University, $11,600,000 for addition to existing eight-story student housing: add 37,037-square-foot, five-story wood frame tower; plus 2,307-square-foot one-story addition for cafe; and renovation of existing ground level floor. Owner: Western Washington University. Applicant: Robert Schmidt.

2425 E. Bakervivew Road, $66,000 for tenant improvement: no change of use, interior only. Applicant: RMC Architects. Tenant: Walker Carpet One.

1756 Iowa St., $70,000 for tenant improvement: convert existing office space to chiropractor’s office: Adich Clinic. Owner: Iowa Street LLC. Applicant: Marcus Johnson. Tenant: Adich Clinic.

2030 Division St., $20,000 for installation of new 20’ x 96’ greenhouse. Owner: Whatcom County ADS Facilities. Applicant and tenant: Whatcom County Jail.

1300 Commercial St., $16,000 for commercial alteration: elevator/stair entry enclosure. Owner: City of Bellingham Finance. Applicant: Zervas Group. Contractor: Boss Construction.

340 W. Bakerview Road, $800,000 for commercial installation of new roof membrane (approximately 50,000 square feet) and add structural support; replace HVAC units. Owner: Western Mortgage Development. Applicant: PKJB Architectural Group. Tenant: T-Mobile.

1031 N. State St. Suite 110, $10,000 for tenant improvement: finish plumbing, drywall and flooring. Applicant: Brian Kingsberry. Tenant: Men’s Choice/BK Photography.

103 E. Holly St., $12,000 for tenant improvement: divide tenant space 203 into four separate office spaces. Owner: Cornwall & Holly Association. Applicant: RMC Architects.

1641 Baker Creek Place, $120,000 for commercial alteration: new partition walls and fixtures including kitchen and two ADA restrooms for work release facility. Owner: Gregory W. and Marylee Rustand. Applicant and contractor: Pioneer Human Services.

624-610 32nd St., $153,100 for new dwelling unit (townhouse) within new eight-unit townhouse project. Owner: North Forest LLC. Applicant and contractor: Ebenal General.

1515 N. Forest St., $29,000 for one pole sign. Owner: Richard S. and Lynn A. Wilson. Applicant and contractor: The Sign Post. Tenant: Unlimited Service.

315 Westerly Road, $80,000 for parking lot addition: Community Food Co-op. Owner: Community Food Co-op. Applicant: Pearson Construction.

4110 Strider Loop Suite 109, $40,000 for tenant improvement: new HVAC company in empty, combined spaces 108 and 109. Owner: Baker Business Center LLC. Applicant: Hydro Mechanical Inc.

2930 Squalicum Parkway Suite 202, $90,000 for tenant improvement: interior changes for new tenant, same use: Mt. Baker Imaging. Owner: Radco LLC. Applicant: Marcus Johnson. Contractor: The Franklin Corp. Tenant: Mt. Baker Imaging.

CB Western Washington University, $3,200,000 for commercial alteration/addition: add 4,652 square feet to building and remodel portions of existing interior. Owner and applicant: Western Washington University.

500 Fieldston Road, $350,000 for major interior remodel and two small additions to kitchen and bedroom. Owner: Davey D. Silverman. Applicant: Bob Ross. Contractor: Moceri Construction Inc.



2726 Alderwood Ave., $29,874 for new commercial accessory building: detached storage for Alderwood Convalescent Center. Owner: Clay and Clark. Contractor: MP Costello Design & Construction LLC.

192 E. Bakerview Road Suite 102, $70,000 for tenant improvement: new financial office: Dave Thomas Financial. Owner: One Bellingham LLC. Contractor: Premier Construction Management Inc.

4050 Hammer Drive, $22,019 for commercial addition of 450 square feet to existing warehouse: Mobile Flooring. Owner: John J. and Janet L. Kupka. Contractor: Gustafson Construction.

1424 Cornwall Ave., $57,000 for tenant improvement: split existing retail space to provide for new coffee/cafe-type restaurant: Anker Cafe. Owner: Leopard Bow LLC.

114 W. Magnolia St. Suite 103, $15,000 for tenant improvements: expand existing spa into adjacent space, add break room, pedicure station and retail area: Sandalwood Salon & Spa. Owner: Bellingham Crown Plaza LLC. Contractor: Stucco Systems Inc.

2119 Queen St., $26,272 for commercial alteration/change of occupancy: convert storage building into F-1 Wood-finishing shop. Owner: Roy & Gayle Salisbury.

800 Lincoln St., $15,000 to construct 9’ x 40’ concrete bus platform and limestone walkway. Owner: Western Washington University. Contractor: Faber Brothers Construction.

423 Kentucky St., $107,137 for commercial addition: office, production area and covered loading area. Owner: Loren J. Demuth and Theresa G. Green. Contractor: CDI Custom Design.

1027 16th St., $266,537 for new single family residence. Contractor: HBC Homes.

CH Western Washington University, $798,000 for commercial alterations: install new elevator and exterior ADA ramp. Owner: Western Washington University. Contractor: Tiger Construction LTD.

BG Western Washington University, $500,000 for new biology department research greenhouse/office. Owner: Western Washington University. Contractor: Faber Brothers Construction.

4545 Cordata Parkway Suite B102, $40,000 for tenant improvement: reconfigure suite to add dressing rooms, toilet room and anteroom at MRI: Madrona Medical. Owner: Koniag Development Corp. Contractor: The Franklin Corp.

1050 E. Sunset Drive, $100,000 for re-installation of interior storage fixtures in an existing Lowe’s store. Owner: Lowe’s HIW Inc. Contractor: Pacific Flyway Builders.

1005 Harris Ave., $35,000 for tenant improvement: remodel existing retail space to cupcake shop; includes restroom and kitchen work and addition to kitchen on mezzanine: Katie’s Cupcakes. Owner: Jacaranda Land Corporation. Contractor: Stone Canyon Construction.

2105 F St. Suite 101-103, $250,000 to remodel and convert an existing single family residence into a three-unit townhouse. Owner: David N. Hansen. Contractor: Steve Anderson Construction.

3101 Newmarket St., $11,000 for two internally illuminated signs: One wall-mounted sign for parking entry and one freestanding monument-type sign for multiple tenant identification: Barkley Company. Owner: 3101 Newmarket LLC. Contractor: The Sign Post.

4220 Meridian St. Suite D, $110,138 for tenant improvement: convert existing retail space into massage therapy offices with spas (includes small limited menu restaurant): The Preserve Tea Lounge & Spa. Owner: Gregory C. and Elizabeth C. Grant. Contractor: Shurte Contracting Inc.

3130 Howe Place Suite 103, $58,308 for tenant improvement: new offices in shell building: Edward Jones. Owner: Shamrock Properties LLC. Contractor: Linn-Douglas Construction LLC.

2222 Pacific St., $61,734 for new commercial 1,288-square-foot storage building for vehicles and inventory, including office and accessible restroom: Scott Electric. Owner: Scott Gray and Linderman Holding LLC. Contractor: Pioneer Post Frame Inc.

308 Northshore Drive, $253,187 for addition to single family residence with attached garage. Owner: Donald A. Robinson. Contractor: Whatcom Construction Inc.

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