Building permits, 2/5 to 2/12/2013


1426 Cornwall Ave. A201, $15,000 for commercial: construct new exterior stair to second floor on rear of building and small amount of interior framing/separation (no intended change of use): Leopard Bow LLC. Contractor: Arcadia Builders LLC. Permit No.: BLD2012-00446. Issued Feb. 8.

2227 Midway Lane, $120,000 for foundation only for new commercial warehouse, offices and distribution center for chemical company (see permit no. BLD2012-00120 for building): Cesco Solutions. Contractor: Credo Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00023. Issued Feb. 7.

2075 Barkley Boulevard, $60,000 for commercial tenant improvement: expand existing health professional suite into adjacent vacant space to create additional exam rooms and office space: North Sound Family Medicine. Applicant: Ross Architecture NW. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00018. Issued Feb. 7.

4600 Ryzex Way, $35,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel of existing warehouse/office space: minor remodel to isolate repair parts/accessories packaging area away from storage: Peak-Ryzex Industries. Contractor: Corban Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00032. Issued Feb. 7.

2901 Squalicum Parkway, $300,000 for commercial parking lot expansion, north of existing lot, west of heli-pad: PeaceHealth. Permit No.: BLD2012-00444. Issed Feb. 5.

4131 Hannegan Road 101, $20,000 for tenant improvement: create bakery with seating/dining area, gift shop, and customer decorating area. Tenant: Dragonfrog Gallery & Gifts. Permit No.: BLD2013-00003. Issued Feb. 5.

120 W. Holly St., $25,000 for commercial tenant improvement: minor remodel to create wine bar in previous retail store (pre-packaged food and sandwiches; no manufacturing or cooking of foods proposed): Vinostrology. Contractor: Driven Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00019. Issued Feb. 4.

1401 6th St. 102, $10,000 for commercial tenant improvement: change of use and occupancy from manufacturing area (F-1) to an assembly (A-3): Bellingham Circus Guild. Contractor: Tidewater Builders LLC. Permit No.: BLD2012-00434. Issued Feb. 4.


4040 Northwest Ave., $84,000 for commercial pool installation accessory to hotel: Marriott Springhill Suites. Contractor: Pleasure Pools & Spas Inc. Permit No.: BLD2012-00463. Accepted Feb 8.

2450 James St., $14,000 for commercial tenant improvement to expand children’s clothing store. Contractor: The Franklin Corporation. Permit No.: BLD2013-00043. Accepted Feb. 8.

1103 Railroad Ave. B101, $50,000 for commercial tenant improvement to install new brewing tanks, refrigeration equipment, reinforced concrete slab, reinstall overhead door, relocate windows, and remodel existing bathrooms. Applicant: Boundary Bay Brewery. Permit No.: BLD2013-00036. Accepted Feb. 5.

2652 N. Harbor Loop Drive, $40,000 for roof overlay existing building (current tenant Seaview North). Applicant: Port of Bellingham. Permit No.: BLD2012-00476. Accepted Feb. 5.

1329 N. State St., $30,000 for tenant improvement: expand existing office space (Suite 301) into adjacent (currently vacant) space, extend corridor to serve as egress. Permit No.: BLD2013-00037. Accepted Feb. 5.

145 Samish Way, $100,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create 7 Eleven. New mechanical, plumbing and interior systems. Applicant: Harrison French & Associates Ltd. Permit No.: BLD2013-00005. Accepted Feb. 4.

3630 Alabama St., $45,000 to convert single family residence to boarding house: Lake Whatcom Center Foundation. Permit No.: BLD2012-00468. Accepted Feb. 4.

Building permits are obtained from public records on file with the city of Bellingham. These listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more. Additional information can be found on the city’s website.

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