Building permits, 4/13 to 4/27/2012

The following recent building permit activity includes permits for commercial projects in Bellingham valued at $10,000 or more.


202 E. Holly St. 206-209, 309-312, $110,000 for commercial alterations: convert second and third floor tenant spaces to eight studio apartment units. Issued April 4.

4492 Meridian St., $25,000 for commercial alteration: convert existing residence to new restaurant: Pho & Bubble Tea Restaurant. Issued April 5.

1512 N. State St., $10,000 for one wall-mounted internally-illuminated blade type sign over right-of-way; replacement sign using existing framework from previous: Louis Auto Glass. Applicant and contractor: Signs Plus. Tenant: Louis Auto Glass. Issued April 6.

3001-11 Cinema Pl., $150,000 for two free-standing internally-illuminated signs identifying multiple tenants and providing electronic readerboard: Barkley Village entrance sign. Applicant and contractor: The Sign Post. Issued April 9.

2435 Strider Lane 105, $93,262 for tenant improvement/addition, Suite 205: add second story office and storage area, convert ground floor into office and shop. Contractor: Heritage Builders Co. LLC. Issued April 10.

1000 20th St., $15,000 for tenant improvement: construct three new interior offices within two separate areas of office building: SPIE. Applicant and contractor: Griffin Painting. Issued April 16.

3301-3343 Stonecrop Way, $25,000 for commercial permit: construct over-height sound-attenuation fence along Barkley Boulevard from 3001-3343 Stonecrop Way. Issued April 16. Contractor: Wellman & Zuck Construction LLC.

1115 Railroad Ave., $15,000 for tenant improvement: remodel existing tenant space into new distillery: includes upgrade in exiting system and new accessible bathroom: Chuckanut Bay Distillery. Contractor: Moceri Construction Inc.

1011-21 Harris Ave., $1.55 million for new commercial building: shell building for three future tenants—two restaurants and one retail store: Rocket Properties. Issued April 16. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp.

2814 Meridian St., $81,000 for commercial alterations: remodel pharmacy and relocate customer service counter, floral display and two checkstands. Contractor: Henken & Associates. Issued April 17.

2901 Squalicum Parkway, $40,000 for commercial: installation of patient lifts in patient care areas: second floor MCU and medsburg and first floor SSU: St. Joseph Hospital. Applicant: PeaceHealth Medical Group. Contractor: Alpha Modalities. Issued April 18.


4365 Meridian St., $35,091 for commercial alterations/addition: demolish R-3 dwelling unit to enlarge restaurant seating area; add storeroom; enlarge parking lot. Tenant: Wonderful Buffet. Accepted April 6.

4176 Meridian St., $86,000 for tenant improvement: remodel existing building into family entertainment center. Accepted April 6.

103 E. Stuart Road, $25,000 for tenant improvement: conversion of existing tax-preparation office into small restaurant (cupcake manufacture & service): Cupcakes Like It. Accepted April 10.

2011 Knox Ave., $40,000 for commercial storm vault: underground vault in driveway for new apartment building: Savchuck. Applicant: Haven Design. Contractor: Arrow Construction & Excavation Inc. Accepted April 17.

2011 Knox Ave., $3,253,372 for commercial residential building: eighteen unit apartment building (separate permits for parking structure and storm vault: Knox St. Apartments.  Accepted April 17.

1707 N. State St., $210,000 for tenant improvement: conversion of previous night club into cafe and indoor kids play area. Tenant: Family Clubhouse Cafe LLC. Contractor: The Franklin Corporation. Accepted April 18.

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