Building permits, 4/2 to 4/16/2013

Issued permits

3011 Cinema Place 101, $290,000 for tenant improvement: finish space for new frozen yogurt restaurant. Contractor: Sustainable Tenant Improvements LLC. Permit No.: BLD2013-00059. Issued April 1.

1421 N. State St., $258,000 for commercial tenant improvement to create climbing gym. Applicant: Vital Climbing LLC. Permit No.: BLD2013-00080. Issued April 2.

810 Alabama St., $175,000 for tenant improvement: remodel office space into self-serve laundromat: Northwest Laundry Company. Contractor: The Franklin Corp. Permit No.: BLD2013-00028. Issued April 1.

140 E. Bellis Fair Parkway, $125,233 for new commercial unheated storage building, accessory storage for credit union office building: WECU. Contractor: Alvord & Richardson Construction Co. Permit No.: BLD2012-00479. Issued April 2.

2501 James St., $100,000 for commercial: replace exterior dryvit wainscot with new cultured stone cladding, overframe and replace metal roofing on entry only. Applicant and contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2013-00135. Issued April 4.

3028 Lindbergh Ave., $75,000 for commercial interior remodel: reconfigure spaces to create additional classrooms: Bellingham Technical College. Applicant: RMC Architects. Contractor: Berschauer Phillips. Permit No.: BLD2013-00107. Issued April 11.

119 N. Commercial St., $53,301 for commercial: re-cover existing one-layer roof with one new layer 60 MIL TPO roof membrane on 15th floor and portions of fourth and fifth floors. Contractor: Hytech Roofing Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00132. Issued April 2.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway, $20,000 for commercial alteration: raise soffits approximately two feet at 26 locations throughout mall: Bellis Fair Mall. Contractor: Culp Construction Company. Permit No.: BLD2013-00121. Issued April 5.

114 W. Magnolia St. 102, $20,000 for tenant improvement: expand existing cafe space into adjacent suite (previously retail), no exterior modifications: Daisy Cafe. Contractor: Clark Construction. Permit No.: BLD2013-00095. Issued April 5.

Accepted applications

3225 Woburn St., $1.3 million for commercial: remodel 22,656 square feet of existing offices and lunchroom, construct second-story, 8,500-square-foot addition for offices, add windows: Heath Techna. Permit No.: BLD2013-00006. Accepted April 8.

1155 N. State St., $743,000 for commercial: shell improvements first floor and mezzanine includes limited exterior renovations to restore windows and storefront. Permit No.: BLD2013-00131. Accepted April 2.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway, $262,500 for commercial alterations: interior remodel of common restrooms in mall. Permit No.: BLD2013-00111. Accepted April 4.

Byron Ave. near Highway 99, $200,000 for eliminating mansard roof and replacing with parapets, updating dining and restrooms to meet accessibility requirements, painting exterior, optimizing drive-thru lane. Applicant: Freiheit & Ho Architects. Permit No.: BLD2013-00138. Accepted April 4.

516 High Street (WWU Edens Hall), $150,000 for commercial: renovation to ground floor offices. Permit No.: BLD2013-00113. Accepted April 5.

1801 Roeder Ave. 120, $25,000 for commercial tenant improvement to renovate existing restaurant space, install three overhead doors and remove non-load bearing wall: Loft Restaurant. Applicant: Latitude Restaurants. Contractor: TAG Builders LLC. Permit No.: BLD2013-00124. Accepted April 1.

255 N. Forest St., $20,000 for commercial alteration: remove two existing windows and replace with one larger window for office area within multifamily building. Permit No.: BLD2013-00142. Accepted April 11.

715 W. Orchard Drive 3, $15,000 for tenant improvement: removal of one restroom and construction of new partition walls. Applicant: Scoboria Construction Inc. Tenant: Toku-E Co. Permit No.: BLD-2013-00112. Accepted April 12.

3545 Northwest Ave., $10,000 for commercial: replace/repave portion of parking area and accessibility ramp for church (as a result of Northwest Avenue roundabout installation by city). Applicant: Northwest Baptist Church. Permit No.: BLD2013-00143. Accepted April 11.

Building permits are obtained from public records on file with the city of Bellingham. These listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more. Additional information can be found on the city’s website.

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