Building permits, 6/21 to 7/5/2012

The following recent building permit activity includes permits for commercial projects in Bellingham valued at $10,000 or more.


350 W. Orchard Drive, $135,308 for commercial: install new membrane roof system over existing built-up roof. Applicant and contractor: Hytech Roofing Inc.

1929 King St., $18,500 for commercial: removal and replacement of existing roofing system. Contractor: Topside Roofing & Construction.

607 E. Holly St., $25,000 for commercial alteration: install Unirac Rapidtrac mounting system for installation of photovoltaic modules: City Gate Apartments. Applicant and contractor: Western Solar Inc.

3750 Meridian St., $10,000 for one roof-mounted internally-illuminated LED display sign for hotel: Econolodge Inn. Contractor: Mike’s Neon Signs.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 532, $30,000 for 12 signs: Seven internally-illuminated hung from walls and ceiling, five non-illuminated wall-mounted: Forever 21. Applicant and contractor: Signs Plus Inc.

2210 Rimland Drive 101, $106,000 for tenant improvement: complete shell space in new office building for unknown office tenant: Talbot Real Estate LLC. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc.

3960 Hammer Drive, $19,000 for shell improvement: add concrete berm and create concrete put for new sump pump for future occupancy: Trugreen Limited. Applicant and contractor: The Franklin Corporation.

4365 Meridian St., $35,091 for commercial alterations/addition: demolish R-3 dwelling unit to enlarge restaurant seating area, add storeroom, enlarge parking lot. Tenant: Wonderful Buffet. Contractor: Upland Developers Inc.

516 High St. (WWU Ross Engineering Technology Building), $220,000 for commercial alterations: modify HVAC system at third floor, clean/weatherize building exterior. Contractor: H B Hansen Construction Inc.

2012 Woburn St., $16,500 for commercial: install 13 bays of pallet racking and two sections of cantilever rack in warehouse: product is noncombustible and nonencapsulated roofing hardware, flashing, etc.: Convoy Construction Materials. Contractor: Warehouse Solutions NW LLC.

3031 Orleans St. 203, $16,000 for tenant improvement: remodel interior of office suite 203 and close off door to adjoining suite. Applicant and contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc.

1311 N. State St. (Alley), $69,000 for tenant improvement: reconstruct portions of ground floor space for commercial catering kitchen and associated office & storage areas; restore historic storefront: ACME Farms & Kitchen.

1309 N. State St., $55,200 for tenant improvement: reconstruct portions of ground floor space for restaurant with small commercial kitchen (shares facilities with adjacent catering kitchen at 1311 N. State): restore historic store: Dashi Restaurant.

1313 N. State St., $13,800 for tenant improvement: reconstruct portions of first-floor shell space for future commercial tenant (separate T.I. permits required): FSM Development.


2039 Moore St., $15,000 for tenant improvement: interior renovations as shell space only for future assembly use(s): tenant unknown at this time.

1707 N. State St., $24,075 for commercial re-roof: remove existing roofing to roof deck, install R-30 EPS foam, install separator sheet and TPO single-ply roof membrane with new metal edge flashing around perimeter. Applicant and contractor: Esary Roofing & Siding Co. Inc.

1409 18th St., $45,000 for commercial alteration, Larrabee School: rebuild concrete exterior stairs at south end of building.

1926 James St., $570,000 for construction of new auto parts store with related parking and drive aisle.

400-block W. Stuart Road, $405,000 for foundation only for new two-story commercial building and site/utility work.

121 Prospect St., $90,000 for commercial alteration: partial window replacements. Applicant: SHKS Architects.

915 Cornwall Ave., $25,000 for commercial: install new canopies over two existing exterior stairs.

3960 Hammer Drive, $19,000 for commercial alteration and occupancy change: remove existing slab and replace with new containment slab in warehouse/office building, new occupancy of business mixing and distributing lawn-care chemicals: Trugreen Limited. Applicant and contractor: The Franklin Corporation.

117 N. Samish Way., $95,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel to convert previous restaurant into a nail salon: Happy Nails.

333 32nd St., $10,000 for commercial installation of new beam on second floor to support future UPS, revised existing roof rack for future HVAC equipment. Applicant: Zervas Group. Tenant: Administrative Services.

2075 Barkley Blvd. 225, $23,000 for tenant improvement: divide existing office suite into two tenant spaces. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc.

2075 Barkley Blvd. 230, $28,000 for tenant improvement: minor interior remodel of existing office space. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc.

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