Building permits, 6/29/15 to 7/3/15

Includes commercial building activity with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center. Status updates on permits are available on the city’s website.

Permits issued

4029 Northwest Ave. 201, $20,000 for commercial alteration: demolish 3 interior walls to create larger rooms. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2015-00261. 6/29/15.

OM Western Washington University, $25,000 for educational: add walls and doors to create two new offices at OM 245. Permit No.: BLD2015-00232. 6/29/15.

306 W. Holly St., $143,490 for tenant improvement: more service counter, add new bathroom. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2015-00212. 6/29/15.

306 W. Holly St., $90,000 for commercial: removal of existing roofing to roof deck. Install new plywood, insulation and membrane roofing. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2015-00208. 6/29/15.

1711 Carolina St., $10,500 for constructing roofs over existing decks of multifamily building. Permit No.: BLD2015-00195. 6/29/15.

4090 Meridian St., $27,504 for tenant improvement: interior renovations to create a private consult room adjacent to pharmacy: Walgreens. Contractor: Modern Construction and Consulting. Permit No.: BLD2015-00136. 6/29/15.

3121 Squalicum Parkway, $950,000 for commercial: interior renovation of skilled nursing facility. Contractor: LCG Pence LLC. Permit No.: BLD2014-00519. 6/29/15.

4345 Water Lily LP, $526,022 for new three-story multifamily building. Contractor: Grandview North LLC. Permit No.: BLD2014-00456. 6/30/15.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 608, $100,000 for tenant improvement retail store: Earthbound Trading Co. Contractor: Avast Inc. Permit No.: BLD2015-00206. 7/1/15.

1616 Cornwall Ave. 115, $58,000 for tenant improvement: remodel suite for staff offices: Interfaith. Contractor: Faber Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2015-00188. 7/2/15.

1616 Cornwall Ave. 205, $1,178,960 for tenant improvement: second floor renovation to add behavioral health and dental offices: Interfaith. Contractor: Faber Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2015-00187. 7/2/15.

920 Lakeway Drive, $486,916 for commercial: expansion of Fred Meyer fuel center. Contractor: Joe Hall Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2014-00358. 7/2/15.

Pending applications

4104 Bakerview Spur, $3,291,793 for commercial: new 34,402-square-foot pre-engineered metal building for warehouses and offices. Contractor: Wellman & Zuck Construction LLC. Permit No.: BLD2015-00185. 6/29/15.

4051 Hammer Drive, $68,000 for tenant improvement: new marijuana growing facility. Permit No.: BLD3015-00281. 6/30/15.

1270 Barkley Boulevard, $72,288 for tenant improvement: new branch bank. Permit No.: BLD2015-00211. 7/1/15.

808 W. Bakerview Road, $90,000 for Stormwater detention vault (vault #2). Permit No.: BLD2015-00285. 7/2/15.

804 W. Bakerview Road, $110,000 for stormwater detention vault (vault #1). Permit No.: BLD2015-00284. 7/2/15.

110 Park Ridge Road. $20,000 for educational: new portable classroom: Fairhaven Middle School. Permit No.: BLD2015-00238. 7/2/15.

2713 Alderwood Ave., $20,000 for educational: new portable classroom: Shuksan Middle School. Permit No.: BLD2015-00237. 7/2/15.

Demolition permits

None for this date range.

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