Building permits 6/30/14 to 7/3/14

Includes commercial building activity with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center. Status updates on permits are available on the city’s website.

Issued permits

104 E Maple St., $40,000 for commercial: Replace existing composite roof with new metal roof. Permit No.:BLD2014-00325. 6/30/14.

807 Harris Ave., $114,000 for Commercial: replace timber decking, bracing, bull rail, and pile caps. Install two new beams. Maintenance and structural upgrade on existing dock/pier. Contractor: Orion Marine Contractors. Permit No.:BLD2014-00266. 6/30/14.

3016 Lindbergh Ave,. $390,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel of classroom to dental reception and waiting area. Addition of mechanical room and exterior doors: dental clinic. Contractor: Axthelm Construction. Permit No.: BLD2014-00148. 6/30/14.

6 Bellis Fair Parkway, $1,250,000 for tenant improvement: new restaurant tenant includes new storefront: Buffalo Wild Wings. Contractor: Hilbers Inc., Permit No.: BLD2014-00129. 6/30/14.

1001 Squalicum Way, $20,000 for commercial: install prefabricated metal shelter at dog off leash area. Contractor: Strider Construction Co. Inc. Permit No.: BLD2014-00297. 7/1/14.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway, $269,708 for tenant improvement: renovate space for new retail tenant: Kitchen Collection. Contractor: Quantum Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2014-00296. 7/1/14.

855 Viking Circle South Vault, $75,590 for new 50-by-20-foot detention vault for multifamily development. Contractor: Campus Crest Construction. Permit No.: BLD2014-00284. 7/3/14.

855 Viking Circle North Vault, $105,826 for new 70-by-20-foot detention vault for multifamily development, Contractor: Campus Crest Construction. Permit No.: BLD2014-00283. 7/3/14.

Pending applications

1600 Birchwood Ave., $45,000 for commercial alterations: replace cladding over T-11 siding and stone veneer, replace aluminum window or infill. Permit No.: BLD2014-00327. 7/2/14.

107 Chuckanut Drive N., $31,000 for commercial: interior remodel and porch addition as well as parking modifications. Permit No.: BLD2014-00326. 7/2/14.

1001 Squalicum Way, $55,000 for: install unisex manufactured restroom building at Squalicum Creek Park phase 3 expansion. Permit No.: BLD2014-00262. 7/3/14.

1538 Kentucky St., $395,000 for tenant improvement: new brewery production and tasting room in existing warehouse building. Permit No.: BLD2014-00176. 7/3/14.

3825 Primrose Lane, $2,334,283 for new four-story, 28-unit multifamily building. Permit No.: BLD2014-00330. 7/3/14.

4369 Meridian St., $ 309,837 for new commercial Shell building. Contractor: Com-Steel LLC. Permit No.: BLD2014-00364. 7/3/14.

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