Building permits, 7/2 to 7/8/2013

Issued permits 

3015 Squalicum Parkway 200, $567,000 for tenant improvement: remodel offices and expand into adjacent space for orthopedic clinic: Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Applicant: Ross Architecture NW. Contractor: The Franklin Corp. Permit No.: BLD2013-00252. Issued July 3.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway, $420,000 for commercial alterations: remodel common areas of mall including two entrances, new flooring, column wrap and ceiling modifications, food court bulkhead modifications: General Growth Corp., Bellis Fair Mall. Contractor: Culp Construction Co. Permit No.: BLD2013-00148. Issued July 1. 

516 High St. (WWU Ross Engineering Technology), $146,000 for commercial: partial re-roof membrane with EPDM. Contractor: Axiom Division 7. Permit No.: BLD2013-00304. Issued July 3. 

2600 Squalicum Parkway, $17,619 for commercial addition: replace existing play area canopy with new structure: Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center. Applicant: Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center. Contractor: Emerald Builders Inc. Permit No. BLD2013-00234. Issued July 1. 

770 E. Holly St., $12,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel on main floor for new office tenant (no change of use). Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2013-00308. Issued July 5.

Accepted permit applications

516 High St. (WWU Commissary), $87,000 for tenant improvement: construct classrooms and faculty offices for the theater and dance department. Permit No.: BLD2013-00254. Accepted July 2. 

2940 Squalicum Parkway 203, $50,000 for tenant improvement: remodel clean and dirty rooms for Bellingham Ear Nose & Throat. Permit No.: BLD2013-00288. Accepted July 5.

316 E. McLeod Road 101, $12,000 to install non-load bearing interior partitions in an existing office space. Permit No.: BLD2013-00266. Accepted July 3.

902 N State St. 104, [no valuation listed] for tenant improvement: convert former tavern into retail butcher shop and grocery (only construction work is installing new plumbing fixtures). Permit No.: BLD2013-00277. Accepted July 3.

Building permits are obtained from public records on file with the city of Bellingham. These listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more. Additional information can be found on the city’s website.

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