Building permits, 7/30 to 8/10/2012

The following recent building permit activity includes permits for commercial projects in Bellingham valued at $10,000 or more.


3005 Cinema Place, $50,000 for seven internally-illuminated wall and/or canopy-mounted sign and assorted neon border lighting: Regal Cinemas Stadium 16. Applicant: Heath Northwest. Contractor: Heath NW Inc. Issued Aug. 9.

155 E. Kellogg Road, $98,000 for commercial alterations, assisted living facility: remodel dining room and provide occupancy separation between dining room/entry and sleeping rooms, convert two living units into lobby and bath. Tenant: Highgate House. Contractor: Buron Construction Inc. Issued Aug. 8.

115 Unity St., $37,085 for commercial: install new membrane roof system over existing built-up roofing. Applicant and contractor: Esary Roofing & Siding Co. Inc. Issued Aug. 8.

4184 Cordata Parkway, $10,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel for new health club/dining tenant. Contractor: Dutchman Construction Inc. Issued Aug. 8.

20 Bellis Fair Parkway, $272,147 for commercial re-roof install 60 mil sikaplan, mechanically fastened. Applicant and contractor: Clarks Quality Roofing Inc. Issued Aug. 8.

402 36th St., $156,000 for tenant improvement: remodel interior to convert juice bar to pizza bakery store (Domino’s Pizza). Contractor: Sharp Construction. Issued Aug. 6.

2825 Meridian St., $15,000 for tenant improvement: remodel second floor office for use as religious meditation center. Issued Aug. 6.

19 Bellwether Way 201, $107,280 for tenant improvement: second floor Suite 201: new offices for Westower Communications. Applicant: Grindstad & Wagner Architects. Contractor: Ebenal General Inc. Issued Aug. 3.

1201 11th St. 100, $15,000 for tenant improvement: combine two tenant spaces for one retail tenant: Fairhaven Antique Mall. Contractor: Classic Restorations. Issued Aug. 2.

220 Unity St., $30,000 for tenant improvement: remodel upper floor for pharmacy and blood draw. Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc. Issued July 31.

220 Unity St., $1.33 million for tenant improvement: remodel entire lower floor for medical offices. Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc. Issued July 31.

220 Unity St., $190,000 for tenant improvement: upper floor lobby remodel, acoustical work, etc. Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc. Issued July 31.

3125 Old Fairhaven Parkway, $46,000 for five internally-illuminated signs: four wall-mounted and one a new face in an existing free-standing sign: Whatcom Farmers Co-op. Applicant and contractor: Sign Associates Inc. Issued July 30.


1 Bellis Fair Parkway 113, $63,000 for commercial tenant improvement of retail space. Accepted Aug. 10.

3120 Howe Place, $683,978 for new two-story office building: medical dental offices: C & E Holdings. Applicant Carletti Architects, P.S. Accepted Aug. 10.

1400 W. Holly St., $68,000 for commercial interior remodel. Contractor: Altama Construction. Accepted Aug. 9.

2418 Alabama St., $52,000 for tenant improvement: complete shell area of new convenience store for food service facility (largely takeout): Pizzazza. Accepted Aug. 8.

4006 Meridian St., $15,000 to install new internally illuminated wall-mounted sign and replace awning covering. Applicant and contractor: Meyer Sign and Advertising Co. Inc. Accepted Aug. 8.

3008 Cinema Place, $100,000 for tenant improvement: finish shell space for coffee shop including limited kitchen, restrooms, seating space and mezzanine. Accepted Aug. 6.

475 W. Stuart Road, $2,835,000 for new two-story commercial building shell. Accepted Aug. 6.

19 Bellwether Way 203, $28,000 for tenant improvement: new offices, Suite 203. Contractor: Ebenal General Special Projects Inc. Accepted Aug. 6.

1255 Barkley Blvd. 109, $17,600 for tenant improvement: install demising wall, office and toilet room for new private liquor store. Accepted Aug. 3.

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