Building permits, 9/11 to 9/18/2012

The following building permits were obtained from public records kept by the city of Bellingham. The listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more.


3750 Meridian St., $69,925 for commercial re-roof: replace sheathing and install new blocking, tapered foam plastic insulation, roof boards and membrane roof. Contractor: Topside Roofing & Construction. Issued Sept. 12.

1926 James St., $527,927 for commercial building: new auto parts store and parking lot. Contractor: Corstone Contractors LLC. Issued Sept. 12.

811-813 Lakeway Drive, $75,000 for commercial renovation: divide previous restaurant into two tenant space; prepare one with restrooms as shell for future coffee shop (separate tenant improvement permits required for coffee shop): Woods Coffee. Issued Sept. 11.

2222 James St., $30,000 for commercial: re-roof existing building. Applicant and contractor: Nolans Roofing Inc. Issued Sept. 10.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 330, $185,000 for tenant improvement: new retail clothing store in existing retail space: Chico’s. Applicant: Permit Resources. Contractor: Russell-Filand Builders Inc. Issued Sept. 10.


3725 Iron Gate Road, $20,000 for commercial: construct unenclosed roof over work area (atop existing asphalt). Accepted Sept. 14.

813 Lakeway Drive, $50,000 for tenant improvement: complete newly remodeled shell space for coffee shop. Tenant: The Woods Coffee. Accepted Sept. 14.

2172 Division St., $1.4 million for commercial: remodel existing two-story, 10,500-square-foot building and construct one-story, 9,834-square-foot addition for kennel building. Accepted Sept. 14.

288 W. Kellogg Road, $90,000 for commercial: replacement of glazing and spandrel. Accepted Sept. 13.

140 E. Bellis Fair Parkway, $550,000 for tenant improvement: convert former retail store into financial offices. Applicant: Zervas Group Architects. Tenant: WECU. Accepted Sept. 13.

2210 Rimland Drive 105, $89,000 for commercial tenant improvement for fitness studio. Accepted Sept. 13.

475 W. Stuart Road, $2,835,000 for new two-story commercial building shell. Accepted Sept. 13.

1203 W. Holly St., $40,000 for commercial site work: revise landscaping; construct retaining wall and stairs; revise storm drainage. Applicant: Oracle Consulting Services. Accepted Sept. 13.

23 Bellwether Way 102, $23,000 for tenant improvement: build out space for new office tenant. Accepted Sept. 11.

915 Cornwall Ave, $68,250 for commercial: install pre-manufactured weather enclosure over air compression station. Accepted Sept.10.

1209 11th St., $25,788 for tenant improvement: construct steel storage mezzanine in existing retail space. Tenant: Fairhaven Runners. Accepted Sept. 10.

800 Lakeway Drive, $4 million for commercial alteration: remodel of existing Fred Meyer retail store. Accepted Sept. 10.

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