Building permits, 9/19 to 9/25/2012

Issued permits

140 Bellis Fair Parkway, $550,000 for tenant improvement: convert former retail store into financial offices. Applicant: Zervas Group Architects. Tenant: WECU. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Issued Sept. 21.

119 N. Commercial St., $12,000 to replace three panel antennas with new and add additional accessory equipment cabinets to existing rooftop platform: AT&T Wireless at Bellingham Towers. Contractor: Westower Communications Inc. Issued Sept. 21.

1400 12th St., $12,000 for modifications to existing wireless communications array: replacement of three antennas and addition of two equipment cabinets on roof of housing authority high-rise: AT&T Mobility at Chuckanut Square. Contractor: Westower Communications Inc. Issued Sept. 21.

1399 40th St., $12,000 for two replacement antennas on existing monopole: AT&T Wireless at city of Bellingham 40th Street reservoir. Contractor: Westower Communications Inc. Issued Sept. 21.

2211 Rimland Drive, $10,000 for commercial installation of three antenna panels on roof top: replacement of three antennas in existing array: AT&T Wireless at Haggen Talbot Building. Applicant: AT&T Mobility. Contractor: Westower Communications Inc. Issued Sept. 21.

2210 Rimland Drive 105, $56,302 for commercial tenant improvement: Fitness Studio. Tenant: Barre3. Issued Sept. 20.

23 Bellwether Way 102, $23,000 for tenant improvement: build out space for new office tenant. Contractor: Ebenal General Inc. Issued Sept. 18.

915 Cornwall Ave., $22,009 for commercial: WA state licensed pre-manufactured building over air compressor station (approved by state as shell only): Puget Sound Energy Encogen Northwest Facility. Contractor: Total Western Inc. Issued Sept. 18.

1209 11th St., $25,788 for tenant improvement: construct steel storage mezzanine in existing retail space: Fairhaven Runners. Contractor: Bent Wood Carpentry & Homes. Issued Sept. 18.

3120 Howe Pl., $683,978 for new two-story office building: medical dental offices: C&E Holdings. Applicant: Carletti Architects, P.S. Contractor: Baker Construction. Issued Sept. 18.

809 Harris Ave., $350,000 for commercial alterations: install mechanically fastened overlay standing seam roof. Contractor: Hytech Roofing Inc. Issued Sept. 17.

Pending permits

322 N. Commercial St., $1 million for commercial: envelope rehabilitation to 4-story office building. Applicant: Amy Zimmerman. Accepted Sept. 20.

4170 Cordata Parkway, $40,000 for commercial sign installation. Accepted Sept. 19.

4299 Meridian St., $110,000 for commercial alterations: interior remodel in meat and bakery departments to accommodate new rotisserie oven. Contractor: Interstate Construction Group. Accepted Sept. 19.

4540 Cordata Parkway 101, $100,000 for tenant improvement: finish shell for new medical office. Tenant: Pacific Medical Rehabilitation. Contractor: Moceri Construction Inc. Accepted Sept. 19.

516 High Street (WWU Fraser Hall), $2.9 million for commercial renovation. Applicant: Mahlum Architects. Accepted Sept. 18.

320 36th St., $137,594 for tenant improvement: remodel retail space for new tenant. Accepted Sept. 18.

1600 C St., $2.2 million for commercial project: replace fish hatchery and storage buildings with new environmental fisheries building. Applicant: HKP Architects. Tenant: Bellingham Technical College. Accepted Sept. 17.

Building permits are obtained from public records kept by the city of Bellingham. Listings include commercial building activity with an estimated valuation of $10,000 or more.

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