Building permits, 9/30/13 to 10/14/13

Includes commercial building activity with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the city of Bellingham’s Permit Center.

Issued permits

1010 Railroad Ave. $5,539,766 for new 60-unit multifamily building (partially over new parking garage): Phase three of Morse Square Development. Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00114. 10/4/13.

119 W. Chestnut St., $2,015,936 for multifamily, mixed-use addition (above existing altered basement) to existing mixed-use building: Chestnut Flats II. Contractor: (to be determined). Permit No.: BLD2013-00285. 10/11/13.

410 W. Bakerview Road 117, $520,000 for commercial: new blood collection facility: Puget Sound Blood Center. Contractor: BN Builders Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00468. 10/1/13.

1140 10th St., $462,000 for foundation-only for new mixed-use building (does not include any floor slab): Shannon Block. Contractor: Wellman & Zuck Construction LLC. Permit No.: BLD2013-00446. 10/9/13.

811 Harris Ave., $251,179 for commercial alteration: new roofing system over existing: Port of Bellingham Fairhaven Industrial Park (7). Contractor: McKinstry Essention Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00478. 10/2/13.

1330 N. Forest St., $245,000 for tenant improvement: construction of brewery and pub/restaurant in former sign shop: Aslan Brewing Company. Contractor: Slab Design. Permit No.: BLD2013-00357. 10/4/13.

819 Harris Ave., $117,993 for commercial alteration: new roofing system over existing and structural repair to building lateral system: Port of Bellingham Fairhaven Industrial Park (3). Contractor: McKinstry Essention Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00477. 10/2/13.

2200 Rimland Drive 110, $43,000 for tenant improvement: remodel of 2,860-square-foot office space. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00499. 10/9/13.

Pending applications

905 Darby Drive, $2,075,000 for commercial: new 16,694-square-foot medical facility: Biolife Plasma Services. Contractor: Oracle Contracting Services. Permit No.: BLD2013-00504. 10/8/13.

1029 22nd St., $1,944,914 for new four-story, 16-unit multifamily building. Permit No.: BLD2013-00389. 10/7/13.

1115 E. Sunset Drive 100, $810,000 for commercial: remodel theater for Goodwill classrooms and warehouse. Applicant: PKJB Architectural Group. Contractor: Foushee & Associates Co. Inc. Permit No.: BLD2013-00433. 10/1/13.

2200 Iowa St., $720,000 for commercial: addition to automotive showroom, includes service reception area and re-grading of parking lot: Roger Jobs. Permit No.: BLD2013-00251. 10/9/13.

155 E. Kellogg Road, $185,000 for commercial addition and alterations: construct addition between two existing senior care facilities and combine the two into one building: Highgate House. Permit No.: BLD2013-00344. 10/3/13.

2014 C St., $144,000 for commercial alterations: re-roof and repair finished of judicial services area, new HVAC unit and interior security improvements. Contractor: Faber Construction Corp. Permit No.: BLD2013-00507. 10/9/13.

4164 Meridian St. 200, $32,000 for commercial: tenant improvement: demo current wall, build new walls, rework ceiling. Permit No.: BLD2013-00500. 10/3/13.

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