Building permits, 9/8/14 to 9/12/14

Includes commercial building activity with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center. Status updates on permits are available on the city’s website.

Issued permits

3001 Cinema Place, No calculated valuation for commercial: replace existing storefront with new roll down door. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc., Permit No.: BLD2014-00434. 9/9/14.

3227 Northwest Ave., $48,000 for commercial remodel: create consultation room in existing waiting room area; relocate waiting room to sales floor; re-organize shelving, new counter: Rite Aid. Contractor: Corstone Contractors LLC, Permit No.: BLD2014-00396. 9/9/14.

222 36th St., $45,996 for commercial: build new CMU trash enclosure. Contractor: Wilcox Construction. Permit No.: BLD2014-00429. 9/11/14.

1530 Cornwall Ave. 111, $12,000 for commercial: relocate and expand existing juice bar within grocery store. Tenant: Electric Beet Juice Co., Contractor: Lookabill General Contracting, Permit No.: BLD2014-00426. 9/12/14.

Accepted permits

400 E. McLeod Road., $281,526 for new commercial shell building. Permit No.: BLD2014-00439. 9/8/14.

3930 Affinity Lane, $17,097,862 for new construction: four-story 154-unit multifamily building: Affinity at Bellingham. Permit No.: BLD2014-00286. 9/8/14.

2705 Barkley Boulevard, $12,000 for commercial: divide existing leasable storage area in basement. Permit No.: BLD2014-00441. 9/9/14.

1600 Carolina St., $1,200,083 for commercial: new 16,178 square-foot two-story office and warehouse building: Transition Bikes. Permit No.: BLD2014-00363. 9/9/14.

3920 Affinity Lane, $505,379 for new construction: new one-story pool amenities building. Contractor: Inland Washington LLC. Permit No.: BLD2014-00287. 9/9/14.

1155 N. State St., $35,000 for tenant improvement: basement improvements for future tenant. No change to exterior. Permit No.: BLD2014-00444. 9/10/14.

1026 N. Forest St., $60,000 for tenant improvement: repair/replace existing showers on second and third floor, miscellaneous framing work associated with installation of new ventilation system. Permit No.: BLD2014-00443. 9/10/14.

202 E. Holly St. 110, $30,000 for tenant improvement: interior modifications for new sushi restaurant: Jun Sushi and Bento. Permit No.: BLD2014-00445. 9/11/14.

557 W. Bakerview Road, $2,776,759 for new mixed-use development with 42-unit apartment building and three commercial spaces. Contractor: Arrow Construction & Excavation Inc. Permit No.: BLD2014-00057. 9/12/14.

Demolition permits

3209 Northwest Ave., no estimated valuation for demolition of gas station: canopy, dispensor islands, piping and underground tanks: 7-11. Contractor: Cowlitz Clean Sweep. Permit No.: Dem2014-00032.

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