Building Permits, Aug. 13-17

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.

4420 Meridian St., $250,000 for reroof – WalMart Bellingham. Contractor: Stone Roofing. Permit no.: BLD2018-0797. Aug. 13.

2700 Bill McDonald Parkway, $488,864.51 for additional site buildings – Sehome HS. Contractor: Dawson Construction LLC. Contractor: Dawson Construction LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0798. Aug. 13.

1611 Alabama, $10,000 to construct two new decks with existing roof cover – Henry. Historical owner: Joel A. and Karla J. Berglund. Contractor: Casali Remodeling LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0800. Aug. 13.

2612 Birch St., $329, 798.60 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Hartman. Contractor: Ted Peters DB LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0804. Aug. 15.

3619 Vining St., $350,554.97 for new single-family residence with attached two-car garage. Historical owner: Jenna Graham. Contractor: Rubicon IDC LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0805. Aug. 15.

42452 Cordata Parkway 104, $110,000 for interior improvement for new restaurant – California Tacos. Contractor: Whatcom Home Remodelers. Business/tenant: California Tacos. Permit no.: BLD2018-0806. Aug. 15.

1015 Girard St., $21,730.22 to install racking and roof mounted solar PV system. Contractor: Ecotech Solar. Permit no.: BLD2018-0807. Aug. 15.

1022 North State St., $10,348 for 22 North Sign and Mural Sign. Contractor: Sign Plus Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0808. Aug. 16.

4303 Meridian St. 101, $38,250 for new Starbucks sign package. Contractor: Signs Plus Inc. Permit no.: BLD 2018-0810. Aug. 16.

1430 North Garden St., $250,000 for new offices, accessibility upgrades: Lydia Place. Historical owner: Jonathan B. and Jolie M. McGrath. Permit no.: BLD2018-0817. Aug. 17.


140 Samish Way, $75,000 for exterior remodel, Wendy’s. Contractor: Corstone Contractors LLC. Business/tenant: David Antis. Permit no.: BLD2017-1231. Aug. 16.

2322 Victor St., $25,210.08 for detached garage/shop – Klein. Contractor: TBD. Architect: Doug Landsem. Permit no.: BLD2018-0076. Aug. 16.

2114 Broadway St., $499,746.38 for two-story addition to school: Cedar Tree Montessori. Bonded contractor: Iverson Earth Works. Contractor: Coffey Construction. Permit no.: BLD2018-0611. Aug. 16.

708 San Juan Place, $360,903.03 to construct new single-family residence with attached garage – Thorpe. Historical owner: San Juan Park LLC. Contractor: San Juan Park LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0635. Aug. 17.

3548 Meridian St., 101, $756,000 for interior tenant improvement for new medical laboratory – Northwest. Historical owner: E&E Development LLC. Contractor: The Franklin Corporation. Business/tenant: Northwest Pathology. Permit no.: BLD2018-0650. Aug. 16.

851 Blackstone Court, $317,167.27 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Alliance. Historical owner: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Contractor: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0664. Aug. 16.

1801 Fairhaven Ave., $36,736 for new 800 sf unheated detached garage – Remsbecher. Historical owner: Arthur H. Remsbecher and Penelope L. Contompasis. Contractor: Slab Design/Build Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0706. Aug. 16.

100 Arboretum Drive, $20,000 to modify (E) wireless comm facility – AT&T. Contractor: Mastec Network Solutions. Permit no.: BLD2018-0729. Aug. 15.

1331 Commercial St., $18,000 to modify (E) offices to create one large office – commercial str. Business/tenant: Faith Life. Permit no.: BLD2018-0748. Aug. 13.

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