Building permits, Aug. 28-Sept. 1

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.


2627 Utter St., $292,647.70 for Mack – new single-family residence. Bonded contractor: Tide Water Builders LLC. Historical owner: Scott Carson. Contractor: Tide Water Builders LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0335. Aug. 28.

2404 Orleans St., $294,576. For new duplex with onsite parking – Degolier. Contractor: PCMI, LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0506. Sept. 1.

1114 Potter St., $18,000 for concrete floor/ceiling, stair corner & curb: Arne Hanna. Invoiced: City of Bellingham Public Works & Engineering. Contractor: Foundation Restoration. Permit no.: BLD2017-0546. Aug. 29.

128 W. Holly St., $87,070 to divide (E) retail space: City of Bellingham. Contractor: Chaplin Construction LLC. Invoiced: City of Bellingham Public Works & Engineering. Permit no.: BLD2017-0583. Aug. 30.

210 Lottie St., $232,000 Replacement of paver stair repair – City Hall. Contractor: Henifin Construction LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0656. Aug. 29.

4333 Samish Crest Drive, $380,552.94 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Burke. Historical owner: Samish Hills Associates. Contractor: Horizon Homes NW Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0773. Aug. 31.

1100 Ellis St., $205,000 to expand dental office into (E) adjacent residential suites. Historical owner: Ellis Street Buildings LLC. Contractor: Northwest Commercial Const. LLC. Business/tenant: Bellingham Dental Group. Permit no.: BLD2017-0774. Aug. 29.

3017 King St., $218,136.07 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Whatcom Invest. Grp. LLC. Contractor: Everkept Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0790. Aug. 31.

3000 St. Clair St., $35,346.96 for new 24’x33’ post frame garage/shop – Carlson. Historical owner: Jon C. & carol L. Ransom. Contractor: Alvord & Richardson Const. Co. Permit no.: BLD2017-0817. Aug. 30.

315 Prospect St., $32,787 for Bellingham Post Office, reroof roof area #2. Contractor: Hytech Roofing. Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0824. Aug. 28.

4240 Meridian St., $15,700 to replace canopy. Contractor: Madison Industries Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0841. Aug. 31.


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