Building Permits, Dec. 25-29

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.


20 Bellwether Way, $5,103,033.95 for four-story mixed-used building – Cohanim Bellwether D, LLC. Contractor: TBD. Owner 2: David Cohanim. Permit no.: BLD2017-1227. Dec. 27.

4507 College St., $314,995.23 for new single-family residence with detached garage – Mcdonnell. Historical owner: Randall M. Hook. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2017-1229. Dec. 27.

140 Samish Way, $75,000 for exterior remodel – Wendy’s. Contractor: TBD. Business/tenant: David Antis. Permit no.: BLD2017-1231. Dec. 27.

3013 King St., $194,788.36 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Whatcom Investment. Contractor: Everkept Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-1232. Dec. 28.

3403 Sitka Court, $352,507.95 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Performance Home BLDRS. Historical owner: UY Family LP. Contractor: Performance Home Builders. Permit no.: BLD2017-1233. Dec. 28.

423 North Forest St., $320,081.94 for new triplex – Nichols. Contractor: TBD. Architect: Fred Wagner. Permit no.: BLD2017-1236. Dec. 29.


4403 Blackstone Way, $192,077.40 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Contractor: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0602. Dec. 27.

501 Harris Ave., $20,087.60 for new bathrooms in E building – Paws For A Beer. Contractor: Lett’s Home Improvement. Bonded Contractor: Favinger Plumbing Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0923. Dec. 27.

600 South State St., $1,200,000 for siding replacement – Condos. Contractor: Credo Construction. Permit no.: BLD2017-0949. Dec. 27.

2202 Broadway St., $25,000 to convert basement to dwelling & remodel worship hall: Kenoyer. Historical owner: Congregation Beth Israel. Contractor: Tide Water Builders LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0970. Dec. 29.

1200 Meador Ave., $29,500 for new cidery & tap room: Lost Giants Cider. Contractor: TBD. Business/tenant: Lost Giants Cider. Permit no.: BLD2017-1078. Dec. 27.

1000 F St. 160, $29,077 for racking permit: Lummi Fisheries Supply (LFS). Historical owner: Port of Bellingham. Contractor: Northwest Handling Systems. Permit no.: BLD2017-1188. Dec. 27.

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