Building permits—Feb. 17, 2012

The following recent building permit activity includes permits for commercial projects in Bellingham valued at $10,000 or more.


3213 Newmarket St., $688,576 for new single-story commercial shell building. Applicant: Barkley Company. Contractor: Dawson Construction, Inc. Filed Jan. 26.

105 E. Holly St., $20,000 to finish space for new retail. Filed Feb. 3.

1115 Railroad Ave., $15,000 for new distillery. Filed Feb. 3.

147 W. Kellogg Rd., $35,000 to expand dental office into adjacent tenant space. Tenant: Cordata Family Dentistry. Contractor: W.R. Hanson Inc. Filed Feb. 3.

1530 N. State St., $12,000 for racking system for tire storage in existing Firestone Auto Care store. Applicant: Casco. Filed Feb. 3.

600 E. Holly St., $20,000 to relocate ATM and night-deposit box along sidewalk. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Filed Feb. 7.

450 W. Horton Road, $88,000 to remodel existing warehouse space for new tenant to include engineering officers, electronics testing and storage areas. Applicant: Blue Sea Systems. Filed Feb. 7.

12 Bellewether Way 240, $10,000 for interior office remodel. Applicant and Contractor: Terpsma Construction. Filed Feb. 8.


1263 Barkley Blvd. 101, $20,000 to convert coffee shop into Mexican restaurant. Tenant: Taqueria Tecalitlan. Contractor: Ramon Painting Inc. Filed Jan. 25.

700 Chuckanut Drive N., $15,000 to install flush mount rooftop solar system. Applicant and Contractor: Western Solar Inc. Filed Jan. 30.

1155 N. State St., $55,000 to replace 12 rooftop antennas on existing antenna frameworks. Applicant: Verizon Wireless. Contractor: Legacy Telecommunications Inc. Filed Feb. 1.

3002 Old Fairhaven Parkway, $15,000 for foundation and anchorage for vertical 1,000-gallon propane fueling tank. Applicant and Contractor: Ferralgas LP. Filed Feb. 3.

4299 Meridian St., $70,651 to remodel public women’s restroom facility. Contractor: Interstate Construction Group. Tenant: Costco. Filed Feb. 3.

3935 Iron Gate Road. $97,000 for construction of offices, restrooms and break room. Applicant and Contractor: Franklin Corporation. Tenant: Motion Industries. Filed Feb. 3.

1600 F St., $25,000 to relocate reception area and provide X-ray room, extend exterior ramp, replace window with door. Contractor: Driven Construction. Filed Feb. 3.

23 Bellwether Way, $1,160,544 for new two-story office building above existing concrete parking garage. Applicant: Grinstad & Wagner Architects. Contractor: Ebenal General Special Projects Inc. Filed Feb. 3.

2435 Strider Lane 103, $157, 308 for tenant improvements. Tenant: El Tapatio. Contractor: Azteca Construction. Filed Feb. 6.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 104, $200,000 to remodel space 104 for new Rue 21 retail clothing store. Applicant: Cortland Morgan. Tenant: Rue 21. Contractor: Premier Builders. Filed Feb. 6.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 418, $175,000 to remodel existing retail space into shoe sales and associated stockroom. Applicant: Pleger Henry Architecture. Tenant: VFC Corporation (Vans Shoes). Contractor: Hardesty & Associates Inc. Filed Feb. 6.

Western Washington University, 516 High St., $30, 996 for unheated pole building for Outback Farm near Fairhaven College. Filed Feb. 6.

102 Highland Drive, $40,000 to remodel interior of religious center, convert upper floor to residential use. Applicant and contractor: Danny Finklestein Construction & Design. Filed Feb. 7.

119 W. Chestnut St., $2.2 million for remodel of existing commercial building and addition of stories with new commercial shells and residential units. Contractor: Wellman & Zuck Construction, LLC. Filed Feb. 8.

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