Building Permits July 22 – August 16

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.

July 22- 26

1420 N State St. $11,100 for Structures Brewing wall sign. Contractor: Western Neon Inc., Permit no.: BLD2019-0723. July 25

2121 Humboldt St., $80,000 to convert workshop to brewer/restaurant. Contractor: Tenant with affidavit. Permit no.: BLD2019-0725. July 25

340 W Bakerview Rd., $20,000 for wireless facility modification. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0726. July 25

315 N Samish Way, $1,479,058.55 for new commercial shell building. Contractor: Dawson Construction LLC. Permit no.: BLD2019-0735. July 26

221 Prince Ave., $12,236.80 for trash enclosure. Contractor: Pacific Edge Builders. Permit no.: BLD2019-0737. July 26

1035 Hilton Ave., $773,950 of for commercial building-Port of Bellingham. Contractor: Com-Steel LLC. Permit no.: BLD2019-0738. July 26

1001 E Sunset Dr., $8,233,194.52 for retail building remodel. Contractor: Parkway Construction and Associates LP., Permit no.: BLD2019-0120. July 25

1055 W Bakerview Rd., $406,200 for stormwater detention vault. Contractor: Nielsen Commercial Inc., Permit no.: BLD2019-0489. July 22

915 26th St., $67,361.34 for modular office building. Contractor: Williams Scotsman. Permit no.: BLD2019-0551. July 23

122 E Magnolia St., $19,000 for remodel of new restaurant tenant. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0636. July 26


July 29- Aug 2

1255 Harris Ave., $10,000 to replace sidewalk. Contractor: Ram Construction. Permit no.: BLD2019-0740. July 29

1308 E St., $100,000 for Non-structural restoration. Contractor: Pearson Construction. Permit no.: BLD2019-0744. July 30

2215 Midway Ln., $100,000 to repair fire damage. Contractor: Z Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2019-0747. July 30

112 E Holly St., $434,013 for ADA upgrades to bank interior and exterior. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0748. July 31

1404 11th St., $11,691,375 for new mixed use building. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0752. July 31

147 Highland Dr., $520,000 to repair building drainage/sewer. Contractor: HB Hansen Construction. Permit no.: BLD2019-0704. July 31

2795 E Bakerview Rd., $38,694.94 for bathroom completion and new mezzanine. Contractor: Moceri Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2019-0708. July 31

600 W Orchard Dr., $71,420 for roof recover. Contractor: Hytech Roofing Inc. Permit no.: BLD2019-0741. August 1

1600 E Sunset Dr., $400,000 for stormwater vault. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0757. August 1

408 N Commercial St., $12,079 for racking for solar PV system. Contractor: Ecotech Energy Systems LLC. Permit no.: BLD2019-0760. August 2

1225 W Bakerview Rd., $985,375 to reroof Fred Meyer building. Contractor: Scholten Roofing Inc., Permit no.: BLD2019-0728. August 2

2508 Utter St., $40,000 for new portable classroom. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0657. August 3


August 5 – August 9

3974 Hammer Dr., $663,810 for SF addition (E) Warehouse. Contractor: Com Steel LLC. Permit no.: BLD2019-0766. August 6

1422 Cornwall Ave., $14,000 for interior TI W/ change of occupancy. Contractor: Tenant Affidavit. Permit no.: BLD2019-0767. August 7

505 Grand Ave., $53,000 to remodel locker room/weight room. Contractor: Colacurcio Brothers Construction. Permit no.: BLD2019-0769. August 7

1420 N State St., $420,000 for brewery expansion. Contractor: Tenant with affidavit. Permit no.: BLD2019-0772. August 8

13 Prospect St., $25,000 for interior partial demo. Contractor: Ram Construction. Permit no.: BLD2019-0769. August 9

1211 Granary Ave., $85,000 for new salon on floors floors 4 and 5. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2019-0773. August 9


August 12- August 16

21 Bellwether Way, $26,000 for monument and wall sign. Contractor: Signs Plus Inc. Permit no.: BLD2019-0778. August 12

2015 Franklin St., $51,498.76 for 868 SF commercial greenhouse. Contractor: TBD. Permit no. BLD2019-0784. August 13

1001 Squalicum Way., $50,000 for new clearspan structure. Contractor: Owner as contract exempt per RCW 18.27.090. Permit no.: BLD2019-0787. August 14

1013 W Holly St., $30,000 to expand restrooms. Contractor: Owner as contract exempt per RCW 18.27.090. Permit no.: BLD2019-0789. August 14

3000 Northwest Ave., $113,449 to re-roof franklin academy. Contractor: Hytech Roofing Inc. Permit no.: BLD2019-0795. August 16

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