Building Permits, June 4-8

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.


1330 North State St., $25,296 to install new bathroom building – Schweinhaus. Historical owner: Riaz & Laura L. Monjazeb. Contractor: HG Construction. Permit no.: BLD2018-0514. June 4.

3125 Howe Place, $1,017,278.64 for new medical clinic & office building – Talbot Real Estate. Historical owner: Talbot Real Estate LLC. Contractor: Northwest Commercial Const. LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0516. June 4.

2010 Iowa St., $25,000 to infill exterior vestibule – Northwest Honda. Contractor: Trico Companies. Permit no.: BLD2018-0517. June 4.

2075 Barkley Blvd. $51,721 for Barkley Medical Re-roof. Contractor: Hytech Roofing, Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0521. June 5.

3628 Vining St., $427,488.53 for new single-family residence with attached garages – Archer. Historical owner: Jubilee Star Investments LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0528. June 7.

209 Hawthorn Road, $50,000 to remodel fiberglass pool – Heilborn. Contractor: Taylor Industries Inc County Spas. Permit no.: BLD2018-0531. June 7.

4000 Magrath Road, $40,000 for portable classroom – Northern Heights Elementary School. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2018-0535. June 8.

2700 Bill McDonald Parkway, $1,000,000 for athletic field & retaining wall – Sehome High School. Contractor: Dawson Construction LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0536. June 8.

4329 Meridian St., $45,000 for improvement for future tenant improvement – DN Clovis LLC. Historical owner: Costco Wholesale Corp. Permit no.: BLD2018-0537. June 8.

2713 Alderwood Ave., $40,000 for portable classroom – Shuksan Middle School. Permit no.: BLD2018-0538. June. 8.


627 Springside Lane, $222,467.88 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Larrabee Springs. Historical owner: Larrabee Springs Inc. Contractor: AJW Builders LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0284. June 6.

625 North Forest St., $10,000 to convert triplex to duplex – 625 N Forest LLC. Historical owner: Gravning Family LP. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2018-0297. June 4.

4004 Parkhurst Drive, $15,005.40 for new 438 sf covered deck addition – Wilson. Contractor: Gerner Homes. Permit no.: BLD2018-0324. June 4.

821 Blackstone Court, $310,417.25 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Historical owner: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Contractor: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0392. June 7.

1001 Hilston Ave., $16,000 for office remodel to (e) building – Bornstein Seafoods Inc. Contractor: The Franklin Corporation. Permit no.: BLD2018-0459. June 4.

1134 Finnegan Way, $72,404 to replace vinyl windows – building multifamily residential. Contractor: Todhunter Glass. Permit no.: BLD2018-0470. June 5.

4101 Academy St., $40,000 to convert lunchroom to classroom/storage: Bellingham Schools. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2018-0474. June 4.

1623 Wilson Ave., $301,596.25 for new single-family residence with attached garage – Terrill. Historical owner: Margo E Terrill Trust/TR 18.33%. Contractor: Alki Homes. Permit no.: BLD2018-0475. June 5.

4420 Aldrich Road, $20,000 for new roofed, unenclosed addition: Cordata Elementary. Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2018-0480. June 6.

2508 Utter St., $20,000 to convert storage room to restroom – Columbia Elementary . Contractor: TBD. Permit no.: BLD2018-0481. June 4.

4056 Meridian St., $67,744 for roof recover: O’Reilly Auto Parts. Contractor: LeAnn Sweeney. Permit no.: BLD2018-0493. June 4.


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