Building Permits, March 6-10

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center. 


11 Bellwether Way 110, $30,000 for tenant improvement – combining multiple suites. Contractor: Fowler & Harpe Construction Inc. Business/tenant: S3 Northwest Inc. Permit no.: BLD2017-0224. March 6.

1 Bellis Fair Parkway 118, $300,000 for Verizon – retail space improvements. Contractor: Wright Brothers The Building Co. Permit no.: BLD2017-0228. March 7.

2815 Elm St., $64,267.20 for Ashe – five garages with asphalt driveway. Contractor: Precision Built LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0240. March 10.

236 West Kellogg Road, $424,467 for Whatcom Community College – convert classroom to chem/bio laboratory. Business/tenant: Brian Keeley. Owner 2: Kevin Barber. Permit no.: BLD2017-0241. March 10.


545 East Kellogg Road, $3,693,338.18 for Tremezzo North – building C. Contractor: PMC Development Corp. Historical Owner: D & K Investment Properties Co LLC. Lender: Washington Federal Savings. Permit no.: BLD2016-0264. March 9.

507 36th St., $368,828.23 for new single-family residence – Heron Point Properties. Contractor: AJW Builder LLC. Permit no.: BLD2016-0675. March 7.

4115 Bakerview Spur, $455,980 for Janders Inc., building mixed-use/new construction. Historical Owner: Bakerview LLC. Permit no.: BLD2016-0940. March 8.

104 West Magnolia St., $671,000 for Federal Building – phase III – EF121-270-22-5199. Invoiced: City of Bellingham. Contractor: Faber Construction Corp. Permit no.: BLD2016-1057. March 8.

4326 Pacific Highway, $87,500 for Vodis USA – new marijuana grow operation. Permit no.: BLD2016-1179. March 7.

526 36th St., $317,182.27 for Heron Point – new single-family residence. Historical owner: Heron Point Properties LLC. Contractor: AJS Builders LLC. Permit no.: BLD2016-1183. March 9.

116 42nd St., $299,953.75 for VWICH Investments LLC – new single-family residence with attached garage. Historical owner: MD Investments Inc. Contractor: Avant Builders. Permit no.: BLD2017-0133. March 8.

804 Blackstone Court, $308,915.36 for Black – new single-family residence with attached garage. Permit no.: BLD2017-0146. March 9.

813 Blackstone Court, $309,257.87 for Black – new single-family residence with attached garage. Permit no.: BLD2017-0147. March 9.

2908 Lorraine Ellis Court. $28,563.20 for new post-frame garage with mezzanine: Lind. Bonded Contractor: Twilight Excavation Inc. Contractor: Alvord & Richardson Construction Co. Permit no.: BLD2017-0156.

800 Cornwall Ave., $61,200 for Itek Energy – slab for equipment storage. Contractor: Faber Construction Corp. Owner 2: Dave McCarty. Permit no.: BLD217-0171. March 7.

4250 Meridian St., $45,000 to reface canopy, free standing & fuel station signage. Permit no.: BLD2017-0187. March 6.

804 10th St., $60,000 to install movable panel partition system & structural track. Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. Permit no.: BLD2017-0192. March 9.

1835 Barkley Blvd. 105, $17,000 to create new office space: 1835 Barkley LLC. Architect: Marcus Johnson. Permit no.: BLD2017-0212. March 6.

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