Building Permits, May 7-11

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.


4175 Meridian St., $20,000 for 1 freestanding & wall sign: Park Bowl – sign and awning. Contractor: Signs Plus Permitting. Permit no.: BLD2018-0438. May 7.

1800 Iowa St., $150,000 for new pole sign: Dewey Griffin — sign an awning. Contractor: The Sign Post Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0441. May 7.

3043 Pacific St., $260,870.20 for duplex with attached garages – Rorvig/Grams. Contractor: TBD. Designer: Collin Puller. Permit no.: BLD2018-0442. May 8.

2219 Rimland Drive 419, $43,000 for remodel for new office tenant: 2219 Building. Contractor: Scorbia. Architect: Marcus Johnson. Permit no.: BLD2018-0444. May 9.

24 Bellis Fair Parkway, $1 million for exterior and interior tenant improvement – Ashley Home Store. Contractor: TBD. Business/tenant: Ashley Home Store. Permit no.: BLD2018-0447. May 10.


501 Harman Way, $237,884.88 for new single-family residence with attached garage – PHJ Enterprises. Contractor: BAL Construction. Permit no.: BLD2017-0639. May 11.

900 20th St., $1,052,304.86 for new seven-unit multifamily building – Lookout Place. Bonded Contractor: Len Honcoop Gravel Inc. Contractor: Credo Construction. Architect: Robert Matichuk ℅ TRC Architecture. Permit no.: BLD2017-0700. May 11.

650 Highland Drive, $75,000 for landscape retaining walls – Krysiek. Contractor: Lukes Enterprises LLC. Permit no.: BLD2017-0834. May 8.

700 North State St., $2,821,601.96 for new 20-unit multifamily building – 700 North State St. Contractor: Greenbriar Construction Corp. Bonded Contractor: Dirt Works Bellingham. Permit no.: BLD2017-1133. May 10.

1440 10th St., $44,000 for interior tenant improvement to create offices – McKenzie Square. Permit no.: BLD2018-0219. May 11.

1700 Kentucky St., $16,000 for new exterior door & interior wall opening: Meridian Auto & T. Contractor: Marker Construction Inc. Business/tenant: Jim Fowler. Permit no.: BLD2018-0261. May 9.

12 Bellwether Way 112, $148,000 for interior tenant improvement for new dental clinic – Platinum Dental. Business/tenant: Platinum Dental. Permit no.: BLD2018-0276. May 11.

513 36th St., $290,157.48 to construct new four bedroom single-family residence with attached garage – Boo Maris. Contractor: TBD. Owner 2: William Boo Maris. Permit no.: BLD2018-0302. May 11.

24 Bellis Fair Parkway, $87,980 for interior/exterior partial demo – Bellis Fair. Contractor: H B Hansen Construction inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0346. May 10.

817 Blackstone Court, $254,324.17 for single-family residence with attached garage – Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Historical owner: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Contractor: Alliance Properties 2000 LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0356. May 11.

1200 West North st., $11,150.40 for 96 square foot addition to (e) detached studio – Roman. Contractor: A. Wilson Contracting. Permit no.: BLD2018-0376. May 7.

2725 Sunset Drive, $378,487.80 for single-family residence with accessory dwelling unit – Evans. Historical owner: William A. Cunningham. Contractor: Summit Design Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0393. May 7.

2725 Sunset Drive, $11,020.80 for detached garage – Evans. Historical owner: William A. Cunningham. Contractor: Summit Design Inc. Permit no.: BLD2018-0394. May 7.

3125 Old Fairhaven Parkway, $185,000 for partial demo of building: Landmark Investment. Contractor: Wrecking Ball Demolition LLC. Permit no.: BLD2018-0405. May 10.


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