Building permits, Sept 26-30

Includes commercial building activity in Bellingham with an estimated valuation listed at $10,000 or more. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham’s Permit Center.


1270 Xenia St., $167,623.20 for O’Brien – new single-family residence. Contractor: Volonta Corporation. Permit no.: BLD2016-0929. Sept. 26.

4125 Arctic Ave., $30,000 for Costco Warehouse – sign and awning. Contractor: Span Construction. Permit no.: BLD2016-0935. Sept. 27.

20 Bellis Fair Parkway, $750,000 for Dicks Sporting Goods – new mall tenant. Permit no.: BLD2016-0936. Sept. 27.

1401 Iowa St., $30,000 for The Grasshopper Cannabis Depot – new retail tenant. Permit no.: BLD2016-0946. Sept. 30.


1640 Jills Court, $72,083.90 for Topland Trading – addition of office. Permit no.: BLD2016-0226. Sept. 26.

2906 Sylvan St., $213,599.33 for Ohlswager – new construction single family or duplex. Contractor: Kota Construction. Permit no.: BLD2016-0645. Sept. 29.

1510 North Forest St., $7,518,423.08 for 80-unit multi-family building – Eleanor Apartments. Contractor: Dawson Construction LLC. Permit no.: BLD2016-0648. Sept. 27.

904 East Chestnut St., $894,789.84 for nine unite apartments – Aginsky. Contractor: Bellingham Builders. Permit no.: BLD2016-0676. Sept. 29.

4051 Meridian St., $10,000 to move existing monument sign to new location. Contractor: Meyer Sign & Advertising Co. Inc. Permit no.: BLD2016-0831. Sept. 26.

920 Virginia St., $32,000 to reface existing pole sign with new LED reader board signs. Contractor: CDI Custom Design Inc. Permit no. BLD2016-0864. Sept. 29.

1251 Lincoln St. 103, $60,000 for tenant improvement – Great Clips. Contractor: PM Construction. Permit no.: BLD2016-0883. Sept. 30.

1510 North Forest St., $75,000 for stormwater vault – Eleanor Apartments. Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2016-0884.

1600 Iowa St., $34,588.25 for Cascade Natural Gas. Contractor: Pioneer Post Frame Inc. Permit no.: BLD2016-0903. Sept. 29.

2622 Birchwood Ave., $10,000 for Lydia Place – deck replacement. Permit no.: BLD2016-0921. Sept. 29.

3886 Hammer Drive, $65,870 for itek Energy — new roof mounted solar PV system. Contractor: A & R Solar. Permit no.: BLD2016-0932. Oct. 4.

2219 Rimland Drive 115, $59,000 for tenant improvement for offices – 2219 Building LLC. Contractor: Scoboria Construction Inc. Permit no.: BLD2016-0933. Oct. 4.

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