Business licenses, August 2015

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham.

4051 Hammer Drive Llc, 4051 Hammer Drive Llc, 4055 Hammer Dr.
Abaci, Llc, Abaci Llc, 613 Marine Dr.
Active Rain, Inc., Activerain, Inc., 2211 Rimland Dr. Ste 124.
Airsure Limited, Llc, Airsure Limited, Llc, 4605 Raptor Ln.
Amy Cain, Amy Cain, 3319 Lummi Shore Rd.
Arche Medical Billing Solutions, Leigh Marion Lingbloom, 3641 Haggin Rd.
Ariston Pacific, Inc., Ariston Pacific, Inc., 1337 Lincoln St Ste 1.
Avizr.Com, Avizr.Com, Llc, 2525 Grant St.
Back Booth Media, June Hathaway, 421 Lakeway Dr. Apt. B.
Balraj Singh Logistics, Harsukhraj Singh Khehra, 4022 Northwest Ave. Apt. 202.
Bavita Cleaning Service, Lakhwinder Chand, 4173 Dover St.
Beauty Becoming, Ciara June Bozkurt, 1213 Whatcom St. Apt. 68.
Bellingham Graphics, Katrina Young, 3573 Skylark Loop.
Bellingham Osteopathic Center Pc, Bellingham Osteopathic Center Pc, 1712 D St.
Bob Lycan Real Estate, Bob Lycan Property Management Bob E Lycan, 2211 Rimland Dr. Ste 124.
Brit Keeton, Brittany Ehrlin Keeton, 1210 Cornwall Ave.
Calou Calay, Zachary Callaghan, 220 Bayside Rd.
Cascadia General Mercantile, Gary Joseph Hardwick, 4009 Hoff Rd.
Chocolate Caravan, Ethos Washington Llc, 2674 Lake Whatcom Blvd.
Chuckanut Feline Center, Wagly, Inc., 1214 Dupont St.
Coal Coffee, Coal Coffee Llc, 2202 Wilson Ave.
Colby’s Cleaning, Colby Blackwood, 508 E Ivy St. Apt. 201.
Communication Services Northwest, Pllc, Communication Services Northwest, Pllc, 194 Polo Park Dr.
Community Construction Services, Catholic Community Services Of Western Washington, 1133 Railroad Ave. Ste 100.
Conscious Networks Llc, Conscious Networks Llc, 930 32nd St.
Courageous Educational Services, Heather Rain Mazen Korbmacher, 3216 Maryland Pl.
Crossfit Iron Industry, The Grind, Llc, 909 Harris Ave.
Cruise Through Cancer Foundation, Cruise Through Cancer Foundation, 2953 Sunset Dr.
Daisy’s Cart Repair, John Mark Tilley, 4134 Palisade Way.
Delaney Enterprises, Llc, Delaney Enterprises, Llc, 765 W. Axton Rd.
Dog Gone Gorgeous, Sharon M Henley, 4120 Meridian St. Ste 250.
Driftcon, Driftcon Llc, 508 Darby Dr. Unit 305.
Dudley Interpretive Sign Consulting, Anna K Dudley, 1106 N. Garden St.
Earthbound Trading Company, Earthbound Holding, Llc, 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Ste 608.
Emily Mcdonnell, Emily Mcdonnell, 905 Harris Ave.
Erik J. Dyrland Insurance Agency, P.S., Erik J. Dyrland Insurance Agency, P.S., 2105 Park St.
Essence Of Clean, Anastasia R Mcgowan-Sissom, 9 Parkview Circle.
Ever After Floral, Judy L Hazel, 1727 Northshore Dr.
Everlife Remedies, Everlife Remedies, 919 32nd St.
Everyday Champion, Everyday Champion Inc., 4137 Agate Rd.
Firehouse Cafe, Tumnus Coffee Company, L.L.C., 1314 Harris Ave.
First Christian Church, First Christian Church Of Bellingham, 495 E. Bakerview Rd.
Fitzpatrick Global Llc, Fitzpatrick Global Llc, 3918 Timothy Ct.
Focal Images, Scott A Walker, 5253 E 18th Crst.
Go! Calendars, Ray Rothstein, Bellis Fair Mall.
Goddard Ventures, Llc, Goddard Ventures, Llc, 2629 Grant St.
Green Truck Rasi Rahimi, Llc, Green Truck Rasi Rahimi, Llc, 921 Cornwall Ave.
Greenwich Condo Development, Llc, Greenwich Condo Development, Llc, 4160 Deemer Rd.
Half Pints Inc., Pandora’s Half Pints Inc., 2701 Meridian St.
Healthcare Certifications, Sluys Enterprises Llc, 4220 Meridian St Ste 104.
Heron’s Nest Llc, Heron’s Nest Llc, 2170 Douglas Ave.
His And Her’s Landscape, His And Her’s Landscaping Llp, 3225 Racine St.
Independent Recycling Engineer, Independent Recycling Engineer Llc, 2210 St Clair St.
Io Glass, Llc, Io Glass, Llc, 2219 B St.
Jaclyn Celine Parton, Jaclyn Celine Parton, 1302 Indian St.
Jacob’s Ladder, Paublo Baca, 3348 Sussex Dr.
Jason P.T. Geibel, Lmhc, Jason Philip T Geibel, 214 N Commercial St # 100.
Joseph Kelly Beerman, Joseph Kelly Beerman, Ste 104 Unit 313.
Joshua Jeffrey Crow, Joshua Jeffrey Crow, 2034 James St.
Jun’s Sushi & Bento., Jun’s Sushi & Bento Inc., 202 E. Holly St. Ste 110.
Ken’s Floor Covering, Kenneth R Shoemaker, 2506 Mackenzie Rd.
Kim Wiley Therapy, Kimberly Deanne Wiley, 4784 Nettle Ln.
Kind Consulting, High Level Consulting, Llc, 2420 Dean Ave.
Kj Work Design Co., Kevin Baier, 1489 Hillspring Rd.
Krista Jean Isley, Krista Jean Isley, 2620 N. Harbor Loop D.r Ste 22.
Law Firm Of David N. Jolly, P.S., Law Firm Of David N. Jolly, P.S., 301 Prospect St.
Leon Fulginiti – Math Tutor, Leon Anthony Fulginiti, 1506 24th St. Unit 1.
Licensing Liaison, Llc, Licensing Liaison, Llc, 1809 Taylor Ave.
Lift Haus, Beefcakery Inc, 8 Maple Ct.
Linnia Kay Sayers, Linnia Kay Sayers, 1200 12th St. Unit 103.
Luigi Handyman Services, Luis Omar Camacho Caballero, 638 Kelly Rd.
Lummi Indian Business Council, Lummi Indian Business Council, 2665 Kwina Rd.
Mac’s Painting, Jason R Macwain, 1001 Key St.
Main Street Trading Co., Wayne Douglas Howard Jr., 517 Potter St.
Matella International, Inc., Matella International Inc., 3550 Meridian St. Ste 6.
Michael Kelly Construction, Michael Kelly, 5215 Everson Goshen Rd.
Monjeau, Scarlet Kelly, 5215 Everson Goshen Rd.
N2 Publishing: Edgemoor Chuckanut Life-Bellingham, It Matters Media Llc., 527 W Lake Samish Dr.
New Grounds Expresso, New Grounds Espresso Llc, 3948 Tamarack Rd.
New Perspective Photos, William H Apt III, 1904 Rhododendron Way.
Nicole Bishopp, Nicole Bishopp, 23 Inglewood Pl.
North Voice Over Seattle, Inc., North Voice Over Seattle, Inc., 2409 Xenia St.
Northwest Home Solutions, Inc., Northwest Home Solutions, Inc., 814 Dupont St.
Northwest Urologic Technical Services, L.L.C., Northwest Urologic Technical Services, L.L.C., 3183 Edgewood Ln.
Northwest Washington Central Labor Council, Afl-Cio, Northwest Washington Central Labor Council, Afl-Cio, 1700 N. State St. Ste 203.
Nyx Logistics, Llc, Nyx Logistics, Llc, 1229 Cornwall Ave.
Orcas Island Growlers, Orcas Island Growlers, Llp, 215 W. Holly St.
Outdoor Canine Companion, Montgomery William Apt. 2526 Vining St.
Over The Shoulder Proofreading, Jennifer Ruth Karchmer, 2505 Monroe St.
P3-Associates Llc, P3 & Associates Llc, 4224 Dewey Rd.
Pacific Facility Solutions Inc., Pacific Facility Solutions, Inc., 114 W. Magnolia St. Ste 105.
Pacific Risk Management & Insurance Services, Joseph Carl Fioretti, 639 W. Horton Way Apt. 227.
Phil Roberts Photography, Phil Roberts Photography Llc, 1901 18th St. Apt. E4.
Portraits By Nature, Michelle Marie Jefferson, 1224 Harris Ave. Apt. 204.
Pro Cuts, Selina M Hartson, Bakerview Square.
Quantum Healing Naturopathic Medicine, Quantum Healing Naturopathic Medicine, Llc, 910 Harris Ave. Ste 102.
Rabbit Tracks, Rei Greene, 630 Boulevard Apt. B.
Raw Land Construction Llc, Raw Land Construction Llc, 3948 Tamarack Rd.
Rcm Fabrication And Handyman Company, Rcm Fabrication And Construction Llc., 2915 Cottonwood Ave.
Red Designs, Red Designs Llc, 1316 High St. Unit 2.
Relax Bodtwork, Relax Bodywork Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Ste 132.
Riverway Ministries, Riverway Ministries, 826 Queen St.
Roslyn Howell, O.D., Roslyn K Howell, 182 E Kellogg Rd. Apt. D9.
Sanderson Siding Services, Timothy John Sanderson, 5240 Graveline Rd.
Savatgy Photography, Rory Edland Savatgy, 3001 Lindbergh Ave.
Sea Clean, Susan J Sale, 3742 Greenville St.
Seal Team One Northwest, Llc, Seal Team One Northwest, Llc, 1840 Squalicum Mountain Rd.
Second Row, Stephanie Germaine Cooper, 3571 Ridgemont Way.
See P’z Janitorial, Christopher Curtis Powell, 31141 Orleans St.
Selfless Films Production, Selfless Films Production, 1908 20th St. Apt. D8.
Sharp’s Online Treasures, Sharp’s Online Treasures, Llc, 4109 Silverbell Way.
Shopworks, Jerid James Lewton, 1401 Iowa St.
Soulmuzaic Llc, Soulmuzaic Llc, 2711 Lakeridge Ln.
Springsnow Massage, Gabriel Emerson Springsnow, 1605 N. State St.
Strix Industries, Matthew Lind Haugness, 508 Darby Dr. Unit 305.
Strowlers 1 Llc, Strowlers 1 Llc, 103 E. Holly St. Ste 413.
Subdued Hype Smash, Subdued Hype Smash, 3140 Adams Ave. Apt. C305.
Summit Bookkeeping, Summit Bookkeeping Llc, 1530 Birchwood Ave. Ste D.
Sunrise Services, Inc. Sunrise Services, Inc., 1515 Cornwall Ave.
Tanya Carter Co., Tanya Marie Carter, 1623 King St.
The Grill, Cecna Llc, 1155 E Sunset Dr. Ste 105.
The Photic Zone Llc., The Photic Zone Llc, 1489 Roma Rd.
The Way Back Workshop, Michael Mckenzie, 817 Harris Ave.
Timothy Burger Llc, Timothy Burger Llc, 5785 Everson Goshen Rd.
Titch, Llc, Titch, Llc, 3309 Plymouth Dr.
Tj Bellis Fair Inc., Tj Bellis Fair Inc., One Bellis Fair Parkway Ste 504.
Travis Carroll, Travis L Carroll, 3040 Eberly Rd.
Tumbler Mountain Llc, Tumbler Mountain Llc, 3800 Taylor Ave.
Ulysses Asset Sub I, Llc, Ulysses Asset Sub I, Llc, 3432 James St.
Vip Nails Spa, Helen Le Trieu, 3908 Meridian St. Ste 106.
Vittles & Rainbow, Morgan Lee Fuller, 427 W Holly St.
Wander, Cara Sorenson-Baker, Unit 1970.
Westgate Designworks, Llc, Westgate Designworks, Llc, 2925 Cottonwood Ave.
William John Childs, William John Childs, 2713 Madrona St.
Wise Enterprises, Llc, Wise Enterprises, Llc , 3824 Williamson Way.
Wizards, Christine R Woodward, 2715 W Illinois St.
Z Rustic, Lori L Zeasman, 1228 Bay St.


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