Business licenses, June 2015

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham.

1 Paperboat, Belle Provence, Inc., 1134 10th St.
24/7 Painting, Harjinder S Gandham, 4284 Spring Creek Ln.
56th Place, 56th Place Llc, 1621 E 56th Pl.
8las Inc, 8las Inc, 1000 F St.
A & D’s House Cleaning, Angela M Nolasco, 3810 Pana Vista Dr.
Aloha Maintenance And Janitorial Services, Eric J Higashi, 1309 Woodstock Way.
Amma Logistics Llc, Amma Logistics Llc, 1926 Wildflower Way.
Anderson Carey & Williams / Boat Law, Anderson Carey & Williams, Pllc, 1501 Eldridge Ave.
Andrew Armstrong, Andrew Armstrong, 4224 Springland Ln.
Annmarie Klug, Annmarie Klug Llc., 1200 Harris Ave.
Atu-Lc Of Washington State, Atu-Lc Of Washington State, 1155 N. State St Ste 316.
Ayurvedic Health Center And Wellness Shop, Llc, Ayurvedic Health Center And Wellness Shop, Llc, 203 W. Holly St. Ste 201.
Baked Glass, Baker Austin Williams, 700 Sunset Pond Ln.
Beauty By Miranda, Miranda Marlene Walker, 907 Harris Ave.
Bekah’s Pocket, Rebekah Christine Vandermay, 4961 Columbus Ave.
Belfair Therapeutic Counseling, Bellingham Therapeutic Counseling Llc, 2110 Iron St.
Bellingham Engraving, Bellingham Engraving Llc., 1015 Railroad Ave. Unit 419.
Ben Kinney Training Organization, Inc., Ben Kinney Training Organization, Inc., 2211 Rimland Dr. Ste 124.
Bespoke Counseling Inc., Bespoke Counseling Inc., 1101 N, State St.
Best Buds Fairhaven, Best Buds Collective Gardens Llc, 3724 Primrose Ln.
Caring Hands, Roxanne M Klix, 385 Sudden Valley Dr.
Cascade Diversified Industries, Cascade Diversified Industries Llc, 4725 Wynn Rd.
Cellular Sales Of Washington, Llc, Cellular Sales Of Washington, Llc, 1200 E. Sunset Dr.
Charity Dynamics Llc, Charity Dynamics, Llc, 1440 10th St. Unit 305.
Chinese English Translation Company, Ping L Shih, 3107 Brandywine Ct.
Christ The King Community Church, Christ The King Community Church, 4173 Meridian St.
Christine Gracia Sutton, Christine Gracia Sutton, 3112 Laurelwood Ave.
Chs Northwest, Chs Inc., 3125 Old Fairhaven Pkwy.
Chs Northwest, Chs Inc., 3500 Meridian St.
Clarice’s Grooming, Clarice Beatrice Taylor, 1079 Ross Rd.
Coking.Com Inc., Coking.Com Inc., 520 Fieldston Rd.
Commercial Maintenance Squared, Llc, Commercial Maintenance Squared Llc, 436 W. Bakerview Rd. Ste 111.
D N Webb Cpa, David Newton Webb, 1229 Cornwall Ave. Ste 306.
Darling Growers Llc, Darling Growers Llc, 1620 Humboldt St.
Dave Nelson Memorial Foundation, Dave Nelson Memorial Foundation, 1 Huckleberry Ct.
Db Goldstein Inc., Db Goldstein Inc., 4328 Cordero Dr.
Deena Rathkamp, Phd, Deena Rathkamp, Phd, Llc, 1140 10th St. Ste 216.
Dentz Plus, Abram Michael Veliz, 3225 Racine St.
Discount Tire Co Of Wa – Was 27 2021, Discount Tire Co. Of Washington, Inc., 750 Lakeway Dr.
Doodlebug Pet Care, Joanne K Justesen, 9670 Mt. Baker Hwy.
East X Northwest Construction, East X Northwest Construction, 3013 Meridian St.
Ecoatm, Inc., Ecoatm, Inc., 1225 W Bakerview Rd.
Ecoatm, Inc., Ecoatm, Inc., 800 Lakeway Dr.
Enid Wilson Studio, Enid I Wilson, 2107 Young St.
Evergreen Funds Recovery Llc, Evergreen Funds Recovery Llc, 336 36th St. Unit 312.
Fateh Carrier, Sandeep Singh, 4709 Parker St.
Fire-N-Ice Bbq, Melanie Kay Mcdaniel, 5422 Hannegan Rd.
Fisher Strategies, Stephen Michael Fisher, 1508 F St.
Flowers + Skin, Patricia Amaria, 2411 I St.
Found, Found, Llc, 1000 Harris Ave Studio 2.
Fourth Corner Home Inspections, Llc, Fourth Corner Home Inspections, Llc, 1205 Roland St.
Gentle Dental Sehome Village, William J.K. Saiget, P.C., 224 36th St.
Gilfillan Cpa Llc, Gilfillan Cpa Llc, 4639 Bedford Ave.
Green Truck Weed, Llc, Green Truck Weed, Llc, 921 Cornwall Ave.
Green Truck Zhang Llc, Green Truck Zhang, Llc, 921 Cornwall Ave.
Hackett Holdings Llc., Hackett Holdings, L.L.C., 509 Fieldston Rd.
Hair By Leila, Leilani C Halbert, 3356 Northwest Ave. Apt. 201.
Happy Belly Nutrition Llc, Happy Belly Nutrition, Llc, 1155 N. State St. Ste 414.
Hartman Northwest Real Estate, Hartman Northwest Real Estate Llc, 2221 James St. Ste 201.
Heather Lynn Photographie, Heather Lynn Cournoyer, 1206 Cornwall Ave.
Heidi’s Skin Care Spa, Heidi Katrin Mcmurray, 112 Grand Ave. Ste. E.
Helpful Hands, Anita S Moore, 1401 E Illinois St.
Home Port Interiors, Llc, Home Port Interiors, Llc, 4071 Hannegan Rd. Ste Q.
Home Sweet Home, Amber Lingbloom, 5259 Noon Rd.
Hong Phan, Hong Le Phan, 4406 Alice St.
Humanitas Charities, Humanitas Charities, 3 Fawn Ct.
Imbue Llc., Imbue Llc., 2000 Mill Ave. Apt 9.
Invisible Touch Detail, George Malcolm Martin Jr., 1505 N. State St. Unit 101.
Jansen Inc., Jansen Inc., 1215 W. Holly St.
Jennifer Marie Hallett, Jennifer Marie Hallett, 6082 Old Guide Rd.
Joetta Egan, Joetta Egan, 2821 Grant St.
Johnny’s Donuts, Nansa Corp., 2201 Cornwall Ave.
Jonas Thomas Linvog, Jonas Thomas Linvog, 3004 St. Clair St.
Katie Fleischmann, Katie Fleischmann, 911 38th St.
Kj Tax Assist, Kenneth L Jameson, 4771 Corona Ct.
Kutamani, Kutamani, 1903 18th St.
Lakeway Advisors Llc, Lakeway Advisors Llc, 140 S 46th St.
Lauren Kapp Hair, Lauren Leslie Kapp, 2336 James St.
Law Office Alexander F. Ransom, Alexander Floyd Ransom, 119 N. Commercial St. Ste 1420.
Lazer Dyes, Noah James Crozier, 1212 W. Holly St.
Live Edge Designs, N-Grained, Inc., 3132 Greenwood Ave.
Lodestar Media Llc, Lodestar Media Llc, 1130 Dondee Ct.
Matella International, Inc., Matella International, Inc., 1801 Summit St.
Mayday Organics, Llc, Mayday Organics, Llc, 2605 Mill Ave.
Megan Sylvester LLC, Megan Sylvester, Limited Liability Company, 203 W. Holly St.
Metalbox Industrial Designs, Kevin Hall, 1602 Carolina St.
Mt Baker Farmers Market Llc, Mt Baker Farmers Market Llc, 4905 Guide Meridian.
Naan & Brew, Chana Llc, 200 E Maple St Apt 101.
Nathan J Holk, Nathan J Holk, 4202 Meridian St.
Nelson WordPress Consulting, Joshua David Nelson, 202 Polo Park Dr.
Nick’s Yacht Care, Nicholas Benjamin Overgaard, 16 Morning Beach Dr.
Northwest Creative Content, Brendan Kerry Hancock, 1393 Bradley Ln.
Northwest School Of Music, T. L. Tilley, 705 W. Holly St.
Northwood Capital Management, Inc., Northwood Capital Management, Inc., 405 32nd St. Ste 303.
Our Church, Our Church International, Llc., 4326 Pacific Hwy Ste C.
Pacific Construction Management And Interiors, Pcmi, Llc, 4224 Dewey Rd.
Pgi-Autodetail Llc, Pgi-Autodetail, Llc, 2100 Iowa St.
Pizza Home Chef Llc, Pizza Home Chef Llc, 4328 Cordero Dr.
Polecat, Inc., Polecat, Inc., 2726 Peabody St.
Power Products Llc, Power Products Llc Dba Power Products Of Delaware, 425 Sequoia Dr. Ste 101.
Practical Inspections, Greg L Seeligson, 2114 Young St.
Ric Allen Verges, Ric Allen Verges, 2511 Erie St.
Rob Conway Consulting, Robert Ernest Conway, 200 Harbor View Dr.
Rolling Donuts And Cafe, Big D Foods Ltd., 3098 Northwest Ave.
Rrad, Ride Run And Dig, Inc., 2284 Yew Street Rd.
Rubedo Financial, Jeffrey Stiles, 255 N. Forest St.
Shiloh Kovac, Shiloh Kovac, 2336 James St.
Sleep Train Inc., The Sleep Train, Inc., 1315 W. Bakerview Rd.
Sleep Train Inc., The Sleep Train, Inc., 4229 Meridian St.
Smithsonite Contracting, Cameron Lyle Smith, 1320 Lakeway Dr.
Splendid Torch, Splendid Torch, 2718 Grove St.
Spr Properties, Llc, Spr Properties, Llc, 1344 King St.
Stage Hackers, Angela Louise Kiser, 1400 Harris Ave.
Still Life Massage And Float, P.S., Still Life Massage And Float, P.S., 120 Prospect St. Ste 1.
Stokes&Company, Jonathan Whitney Stokes, 4240 Pacific Hwy.
Supreme Express, Karmjit Singh, 3785 Canterbury Ln.
Taco Tattoo, Stephen Maxwell Klapp, 1222 N State St.
The Foot And Nail Rn, M And C Impero Companies Inc., 4712 Noon Rd.
The Treadmill Guy, Rick Laursen, 1418 Portal Dr.
Toandgo Corporation, Toandgo Corporation, 202 E. Holly St. Ste 101.
Tom Dorr & Associates Consulting Inc., Tom Dorr And Associates Consulting Inc., 4426 E Oregon St.
United Building Construction And Maintenance, Steven Herrera, 5 Sparrow Ct.
Vinh The La, Vinh The La, 2922 Seaview Cir.
W.I.S.E. Birth Doula Collective, W.I.S.E. Birth Doula Collective, 2430 Cornwall Ave.
Walgreens #16095, Walgreen Co., 125 Samish Way.
Wear The Love, Wear The Love, Llc, 336 36th St.
Yoga Now, Yoga Now Llc., 4004 Northwest Ave.
Zero Emissions Racing Organization, Zero Emissions Racing Organization Lllp, 98 Sudden Valley Dr.

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