Business licenses, November 2015

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham.

Across The Pond Llc, Across The Pond, Llc, 3309 Plymouth Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Ahn Tax & Business Advisors Pllc, Ahn Tax & Business Advisors Pllc, 114 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Alejando Gomez, Alejandro Gomez, 1308 W. Illinois St., Bellingham, WA.
Altura Taxes & Servicios, Altu Tax Inc., 3084 Northwest Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Amy Lynn Campbell, Amy Lynn Campbell, 1031 N. State St., Bellingham, WA.
Anneka C Deacon, Anneka C Deacon, 2501 G St., Bellingham, WA.
April’s Home & Pet Care, April Ann Smith, 414 W Axton Rd ., Bellingham, WA.
Austin Tyler Cotton, Austin Tyler Cotton, 4615 Quinn Ct. Apt. 102, Bellingham, WA.
Ava Larsen, Ava Larsen, 466 Cove Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Awesume Deals Llc, Awesume Deals Llc, 1810 Texas St., Bellingham, WA.
Baymont Inn & Suites, Summit Investments Inc., 125 E Kellogg Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Bayside Home Solutions Llc, Bayside Home Solutions Llc, 3808 Morning Mist Way, Bellingham, WA.
Because It’s There Llc, Because It’s There, Llc, 1265 Xenia St., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Billiard Service, Jeffrey Berrian Brashears, 31 Sudden Valley Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Cocktail Week, Rebecca Ogden, 2613 Williams St., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Dermatology Pllc, Bellingham Dermatology, Pllc, 2075 Barkley Blvd. Ste 225, Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Seafeast, Bellingham Seafeast, 4716 Fir Tree Way, Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Wheel & Keel Club, Bellingham Wheel & Keel Club, 4921 Samish Way, Bellingham, WA.
Benjamin Lerner, Benjamin Lerner, 1314 High St., Bellingham, WA.
Bija Llc, Bija, Llc, 2733 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Blue Reef Corals, Andrew Barrow, 838 E Kellogg Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Brewtique, Brewtique Llc, 2523 Victor St., Bellingham, WA.
Brian Grant Hawley, Brian Grant Hawley, 4226 Wintergreen Cir., Bellingham, WA.
Bryant D’hondt, Bryant D’hondt, 1348 Parkstone Ln., Bellingham, WA.
C & S Consulting Llc, C & S Consulting Llc, 1535 Toledo Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Cannabis Connection Northwest, Cannabis Connection Northwest Llc, 4165 Hannegan Rd. Ste C, Bellingham, WA.
Cannabis Connection Northwest, Cannabis Connection Northwest Llc, 4190 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Cascade Sport Llc, Cascade Sport Llc, 4220 Dumas Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Chanelle’s Uber, Chanelle Mazzacano, 3007 Huntington St., Bellingham, WA.
Chris Wallace Does Hair, Chris Wallace Does Hair Llc, 310 W Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Christian Bannick, Christian M Bannick, 835 N. State St., Bellingham, WA.
Christopher Alan Miller, Christopher Alan Miller, 3340 Southbend Pl. Apt 101, Bellingham, WA.
Church Of Recovery, Church Of Recovery, 921 Autumn Ln. Unit 256, Bellingham, WA.
Claudia Valerie Andrade, Claudia Valerie Andrade, 512 Darby Dr. Unit 208, Bellingham, WA.
Concierge Captain Services, Mark E Brown, 2818 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Cruisin’ Chris, Christopher Allen Jones, 3606 James St., Bellingham, WA.
Crystal Moon Creations, Robbin L Prowse, 3011 E North St., Bellingham, WA.
D&D Enterprises, Sharon K Yi, 4140 Meridian St. Ste 200, Bellingham, WA.
Davey Mack Transport, David Ross Mackinnon, 3011 E North St., Bellingham, WA.
David J Adams, David J Adams, 146 Windward Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Djh Enterprises, Darren Jh Yi , 4140 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Don’s Uber, Donald Paul Rose, 600 E Maple St., Bellingham, WA.
Drake Witmer, Drake Witmer, 2513 Racine St., Bellingham, WA.
Dream Wireless Llc, Dream Wireless, Llc, 1225 W. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, WA.
E. E. Bersch Productions, Llc, E. E. Bersch Productions, Llc., 2915 Patton St., Bellingham, WA.
Emalee Whiteman’s Uber Service, Emalee Raylene Whiteman, 520 Tremont Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Emmanuel Karras, Emmanuel Karras, 4075 Gloria Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Enabling Prosperity, Susan Donette Bradley, 1135 Franklin St., Bellingham, WA.
Enchanted Moments By Kauni, Connie Sue Petty, 989 Pacific Rim Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Evergreen Interiors, Sharlene Fay Van Winkle, 2021 Whatcom Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Flatrock Design, Llc, Flatrock Design, Llc, 1510 40th St., Bellingham, WA.
Flores Painting Llc, Flores Painting Llc, 2227 Texas St., Bellingham, WA.
Forescent Technologies, Howard Bruce Jachter, 2 Canyon Ct., Bellingham, WA
Forrest Glenn Town, Forrest Glenn Town, 1440 10th St., Bellingham, WA.
Foul Mouthed Martha , Erica Lynn Grafton, 2516 Northshore Rd. Trlr 1, Bellingham, WA.
Gabriel Knapp Photography, Gabriel Knapp, 1020 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Gallagher Mountain Bike Coaching, Miles Elliott Gallagher, 1904 G St., Bellingham, WA.
Gen Energy Consulting, Adam Leander Garcia, 631 N. Garden St., Bellingham, WA.
General Wireless Operations Inc #3350, General Wireless Operations Inc., 1050 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
General Wireless Operations Inc #3366, General Wireless Operations Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Ste 712, Bellingham, WA.
George Terek, George Terek, 1302 Commercial St., Bellingham, WA.
Gramma’s Closet, Gramma’s Closet Llc, 1393 Bradley Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Green Truck II Limited Partnership, Green Truck II Limited Partnership, 921 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Green Truck III Limited Partnership, Green Truck III Limited Partnership, 921 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Green Truck IV Limited Partnership, Green Truck IV Limited Partnership, 921 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Gretchen Kruger Hair, Gretchen Elizabeth Benson, 310 W. Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Greystone Construction Llc, Greystone Construction, Llc, 5860 Milwaukee Rd, Bellingham, WA.
Guy T Mcgraw, Guy T Mcgraw, 1505 Broadway St., Bellingham, WA.
Guzel Tile Company, Amy Sue Popelka, 2509 Huron St., Bellingham, WA.
Hair Rehab By Ariel, Ariel Suzanne Smith, 121 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Hanson Mcevoy Llc, Hanson Mcevoy Llc, 2713 Lynn St., Bellingham, WA.
Health Insight Hypnosis, Dragonfly Yoga, Llc, 1833 Lakeside Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Heather L Small, Heather L Small, 5210 E North St., Bellingham, WA.
Highline Homes, Highline Homes Llc, 1420 Meador Ave., Bellingham, WA.
His Service, Andrew John Yost, 3988 Y Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Holistic Artventures, Havilah Rand, 1500 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Hot Properties, Heather Colleen Othme, 1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy Ste 106, Bellingham, WA.
Hovde & Wallace Group Llc, Hovde & Wallace Group Llc, 3115 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Huerta’s Painting, Huerta Julio, 4015 Eliza Ave Trlr 4, Bellingham, WA.
Ideal Health Bellingham, Linda S. Goggin M.D., Pllc , 208 Halleck St. Ste 101, Bellingham, WA.
Intercontinental Market, Jap Inc., 4564 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Island View Home Inspections, William Lawrence Dinwiddie, 4929 Samish Way, Bellingham, WA.
Jacaranda Land Corporation, Jacaranda Land Corporation, 1210 10th St., Bellingham, WA.
Jack David Hensley, Jack David Hensley, 5041 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA.
Jacob’s Uber Service, Jacob Daniel Kopak, 1415 Sweetbay Dr., Bellingham, WA.
James Cunningham, James L Cunningham, 4949 Samish Way, Bellingham, WA.
Jamia Solomon Burns, Jamia Solomon Burns, 1301 E Victor St., Bellingham, WA.
Jamie’s Transportation Services, Jamie Steinman, 1029 Potter St., Bellingham, WA.
Jcordell, Joseph Cordell, 3025 Ferry Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Jeremy Keola Aubrey, Jeremy Keola Aubrey, 2500 Dean Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Jinous Ferdosian, Jinous Ferdosian, 1225 E Sunset Dr., Bellingham, WA
Jr Storage Solutions Llc, Jr Storage Solutions, Llc, 1082 Telegraph Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Jt Bosman, Appraiser Llc, Jt Bosman, Appraiser Llc, 3111 Newmarket St., Bellingham, WA
Justin Michael Hersom, Justin Michael Hersom, 3835 Northwest Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Kapital Wireless Llc, Kapital Wireless Llc, 200 E Maple St., Bellingham.
Karina Rousseau, Karina Rousseau, 2329 Park St., Bellingham, WA.
Katterhagen Lch, Michelle Denise Katterhagen, 2753 Broadway St., Bellingham, WA
Kayla Gainey, Kayla M.K. Gainey, 2639 W. Maplewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Ke Moving Services , Llc, Ke Moving Services, Llc, 1801 Ellis St., Bellingham, WA.
Keith Bailey Cpa, Keith Bailey, 2509 Cedarwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Kindlund Construction, Inc., Kindlund Construction, Inc., 11 Cascade Ln, Bellingham, WA
Kloop Studio Inc., Kloop Studio Inc., 2608 G St., Bellingham, WA.
Kyla Goff, Kyla Goff, 3604 Cedarville Rd, Bellingham, WA.
La Jonsson, La Jonsson Llc, 3204 Brandywine Way, Bellingham, WA.
Lani Tate, Lani Tate, 5040 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA.
Laura Dietzel, Laura Dietzel, 521 14th St., Bellingham, WA.
Lauren Newsome, Lauren Newsome, 2797 Lake Whatcom Blvd, Bellingham, WA.
Law Office Of Joseph Homel Pllc, Law Office Of Joseph Homel, Pllc, 1313 E. Maple St. Ste 217, Bellingham, WA.
Lethalfrag, Matthew Mcknight, 3441 Highfield Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Logan C Kilgore, Logan C Kilgore, 1403 19th St., Bellingham, WA.
Lori Dillon Enterprises , Lori R Dillon, 323 Pacific Hwy., Bellingham, WA.
Lrknights Enterprise L.L.C. Co., Lrknights Enterprise L.L.C. Co., 2015 24th St. Unit 35, Bellingham, WA
Lucas Daniel Christie, Lucas Daniel Christie, 516 Darby Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Luvera Integrated, Mason Luvera, 1010 High St., Bellingham, WA.
Marcela Rey, Marcela Rey, 930 Whitewater Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Margaret Drewzella Jones, Margaret Drewzella Jones, 1950 Fraser S., Bellingham, WA.
Mathew Babick, Mathew Babick, 1308 38th St., Bellingham, WA.
Matt Michael Beres, Matt Michael Beres, 719 Donovan Ave ., Bellingham, WA.
Mcknight Construction Llc, Mcknight Construction Llc, 1620 Rainier Ave., Bellingham, WA
Menace Brewing, Menace Industries Llc., 2529 Meridian St ., Bellingham, WA.
Meredith Anne Wetteland, Meredith Anne Wetteland, 2 Marigold Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Metamorphosis Somatic Counseling, Metamorphosis Somatic Counseling, Llc, 1101 N. State St. Ste 202, Bellingham, WA.
Mike Martin, Michael Leland Martin, 2549 Lummi View Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Motive Search Inc., Motive Search Inc., 601 Arroyo Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Mt. Baker Telecom, Stacey Mateo, 1126 Kenoyer Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Nicholas Perigo, Nicholas Perigo, 2230 Cornerstone Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Nicks Driving, Nicholas Levi Grier, 112 S 41st St., Bellingham, WA
North Shore Strategies, North Shore Strategies, Inc., 4716 Fir Tree Way, Bellingham, WA.
Northwest 2020, Llc, Northwest 2020, Llc, 4264 Pacific Hwy., Bellingham, WA.
Northwest Computer Repair, Safe & Easy Recycling, Inc., 805 E North St., Bellingham, WA.
Northwest Sleep Solutions Llc, Northwest Sleep Solutions Llc, 1440 10th St. Ste 103, Bellingham, WA.
Nw Eats Catering Co., Northwest Eats Catering Company, Llc, 300 Potter St., Bellingham, WA.
Oleg Ravitsky, Oleg Ravitsky, 2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA.
Orbital Communications, Larry S Nevins, 2517 Scott Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Parminder Singh, Parminder Singh, 463 Westerly Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Perfect Crop, Perfect Crop, 1021 Mason St., Bellingham, WA.
Phoenix Cannabis Company, Tobias Enterprises Llc, 4140 Meridian St. Ste 210, Bellingham, WA.
Port Side Productions, Cole Allen Heilborn, 702 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Raven Charters, Llc, Raven Charters, Llc, 2615 S Harbor Loop Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Rebecca Abdelbaki, Rebecca Abdelbaki, 2610 Woodcliff Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Red Pill Publishing, Red Pill Publishing, 1225 E Sunset Dr. Ste 145, Bellingham, WA.
Reimann Counseling/Northwest Behavioral Inc., Julie Reimann, 3031 Orleans St., Bellingham, WA.
Ridemind, Ridemind Llc, 1600 Carolina St., Bellingham, WA.
Rock Solid Martial Arts, Rock Solid Martial Arts, Llc, 1105 11th St., Bellingham, WA.
Rockin Retro Hair By Nicole, Nicole Elizabeth Blumer, 2715 W Maplewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Rocky Point Builders, L.L.C., Rocky Point Builders, L.L.C., 2342 Erie Ter, Bellingham, WA.
Rory Michael Woolsey, Rory Michael Woolsey, 3004 Alvarado Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Ruth Taylor Llc, Ruth Taylor, Llc, 3617 Illinois Ln., Bellingham, WA.
S Auto Sales, Yevgeniy Litvinov, 4226 Pacific Hwy, Bellingham, WA.
Salon Tryst Bellingham, Leah Rachel Ludtke, 3001 Racine St., Bellingham, WA.
Santosuosso Inc., Santosuosso Inc., 1001 C St. Ste 3, Bellingham, WA.
Sarah J Thomas, Sarah J Thomas, 1208 Bay St., Bellingham, WA.
Scooty And The Hambone, Scooty And The Hambone, 4641 Celia Way, Bellingham, WA.
Shopper Radar, Inc., Shopper Radar, Inc., 2219 Rimland Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Steven L Volz, Steven L Volz, 3140 Adams Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Stigs For A Cure, Stigs For A Cure, 643 W Horton Way Apt. 131, Bellingham, WA.
Stir Center Nfp, Stir Center Nfp, 1229 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Streamline Group Llc, Streamline Group Llc, 752 E Kellogg Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Street Tend, Kanwar Toor, 4022 Ava Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Terry Stach Agency, Terry Ray Stach, 424 W. Bakerview Rd. Ste 110, Bellingham, WA.
Tessa Claire Photography, Tessa Nearing, 203 N. 34th St., Bellingham, WA.
The Arnone Brothers, Llc, The Arnone Brothers, Llc , 1936 18th S., Bellingham, WA.
The Cabin Tavern, Leopold Properties Llc, 307 W Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
The Comics Place, Art’s Comics Place, Inc., 221 W Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
The Filling Station, Jdubs Filling Station, Llc, 1138 Finnegan Way Ste 311, Bellingham, WA
The Loft Cannabis, The Loft Cannabis, 1326 E Laurel St., Bellingham, WA.
Tiffany L Ross, Tiffany L Ross, 3420 W Mcleod Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Timothy Cooke Vail, Timothy Cooke Vail, 3717 Bristol St., Bellingham, WA.
Uber, Uber, 2810 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Vanzanden Designworks, Ted Jon Van Zanden, 3029 Elm St., Bellingham, WA.
Viking Shuttle, Alesha Robin Wiese, 1220 Creekwood Ln., Bellingham, WA
Vind Och Veder Builders Llc, Vind Och Veder Builders Llc, 709 Chuckanut Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Vintage Sports Gear Llc, Vintage Sports Gear, Llc, 1453 Franklin St., Bellingham, WA.
Whole Life Holistic Health, Traci Lynn Heaps, 301 Willow Ct. N., Bellingham, WA.
Willowcraft Media, Willowcraft Media, Llc, 2011 Niagara Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Zack Miller Sales, Zachary James Miller, 2660 Mackenzie Rd., Bellingham, WA.

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