Chuckanut Brewery expands beer production

By Isaac Bonnell

With the delivery of five new brewing tanks this week, Chuckanut Brewery will be able to double its production capacity to more than 1,500 barrels (approximately 46,500 gallons) of beer per year.

“We’ve been at capacity since April of last year year,” owner Will Kemper said.

The increased production will allow the brewery to meet the rising demand from restaurants and bars in the Puget Sound Region. The brewery currently delivers to roughly 25 establishments.

“We’ve had a waiting list of people wanting to get our beer,” Kemper said. “We were really strapped by how much we could manufacture. By not being able to make more beer, we couldn’t ensure a steady supply and that’s why we aren’t on the menu for many of our accounts.”

Chuckanut Brewery spent approximately $40,000 on the new tanks and also ordered 150 new kegs for delivery. The tanks should be ready for their first batch of beer in about a week, Kemper said.

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