Chuckanut Builders expands to offer interior design and building performance work

Chuckanut Builders is celebrating its fifth year in business this summer by expanding its services to include interior design and building performance.

The company, which focuses on green building, has always done building performance work—air sealing, insulation, and other measures that address efficiency, durability, comfort and indoor air quality. But usually business performance measures were part of a remodel or larger project, said marketing manager Jenny Rae.

Recently, the company did it’s first stand-alone building performance project and they plan to do more, Rae said.

Many of Chuckanut Builders’ building performance projects were completed through Sustainable Connections’ Community Energy Challenge, a program that helps home owners and business owners complete energy efficiency projects. Chuckanut Builders’ crew has trained at the Building Performance Center, a Bellingham organization that offers building performance courses and certifications, and partners with Sustainable Connections on the Community Energy Challenge.

Chuckanut Builders decided to bring interior design in-­house by hiring Michelle Banks, Rae said. Banks owns an interior design company called Spiral Studios and worked previously at Smith and Vallee Woodworks, builders of custom cabinets and furniture. The addition will reduce design and construction time and help ensure that final projects match the original design and client’s budget, Rae said in a press release.

“Part of the reason that we bought Michelle in was we really liked her aesthetic and she’s really interested in doing more green interior design,” Rae said.

The company started in 2010 with three owners and no employees and now has two owners and eight employees, Rae said. The majority of its projects are in Bellingham’s core neighborhoods.

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