City Dogs Grooming reopens on Holly Street

City Dogs Grooming moved to a larger location on Holly Street in late October. Owner Lee Ann Kelly is aiming...

City Dogs Grooming is putting the finishing touches on its new location at 711 E. Holly St. The store is aiming for a grand opening later this month.

Now with 2,100 square feet, the new location features a bathing room, retail space and two offices. At the previous location on Lincoln Street groomers were working in a 780 square foot space. The larger space was desperately needed. The business probably outgrew the space eight years ago, owner Lee Ann Kelly said.

“I can’t convey how crowded (it was) and how much work was spent juggling the space,” she said.

The business began to transition to the new location on Oct. 25 after a complete overhaul of the building. A new cork floor and drywall was installed along with grooming equipment including a washer, dryer and three tubs.

Employees typically see about 15 to 30 dogs a day, and that number is growing with the location change. The business is receiving more phone calls and more people are taking notice, Kelly said.

“We never used to get drive-bys or walk-ins,” she said. “Now we have people just pull up. It adds a little more excitement.”

Kelly started City Dogs Grooming in 1997 and has been grooming for 25 years. She graduated from Western Washington University and following graduation she had the opportunity to explore what she was passionate about — dogs.

“I love getting to be around dogs all day,” she said. “I avoid the word ‘playing’ because it’s definitely not playing — it’s work.”

City Dogs Grooming is open typically from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday by appointment only. Groomers will take walk-ins if time permits.

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