Contracts Awarded

The following construction contracts were awarded in the past month:


North Kelsey Street and Tjerne Place Southeast intersection improvements, $511,120 to Oceanside Construction, Bellingham. Issued by City of Monroe.

Police Lobby remodel, $73,049 to Meyers General Inc., Bellingham. Issued by City of Bellingham.

2007 Surface water management drainage improvements, $2,896,804 to Razz Construction, Bellingham. Issued by Snohomish County Purchasing, Everett.

Phase 1B Segment 3 wastewater system improvements, SWWTP upgrade and NWWTP sludge drying beds, $3,243,475 to Tek Construction Inc., Bellingham. Issued by City of Madras, Oregon.

Camano Annex drainage improvement, $65,284 to Larry Brown Construction, Bellingham. Issued by Island County Auditor, Coupeville.

Southeast 264th Street well replacement and treatment facilities, $1,337,458 to Stouder General Construction, Ferndale. Issued by Covington Water Dist, Kent.

Buttermilk Creek middle bridge rehabilitation, $169,460 to Wilder Construction, Bellingham. Issued by Okanogan County Commisioners.

Toilet Compartment replacements – Forest Park swim center, $10,101 to CLK Construction, Bellingham. Issued by City of Everett Purchasing.

PVC Roofing – Auxiliary generator building, $10,643 to Scholten Roofing Inc., Lynden. Issued by City of Everett.

MV TACOMA dockside, $2,321,391 to Puglia Engineering, Bellingham. Issued by Washington State Ferries, Seattle.

Everson–Goshen Road pavement reconstruction, $187,120 to Whatcom Builders Inc., Bellingham. Issued by Whatcom County Purchasing.

Replacement of dielectric unions at the Whatcom County Courthouse, phase 1: $40,101 to Andgar Corp.; phase 2: $29,795 to Andgar Corp., Ferndale. Issued by Whatcom County Purchasing.

Centennial Riverwalk improvements, $1,204,531 to Friberg Construction Co. Inc., Ferndale. Issued by City of Ferndale Public Works.

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