Coppervale hires new strategic technology consultant

Chuck Carroll was recently hired as the director of technology and business development at the Bellingham branch of Coppervale Enterprises Inc., an international sustainability consultancy.

“Coppervale is excited to be able to broaden our energy consultancy expertise with the addition of such an industry leader as Chuck Carroll to our team,” Coppervale president Paul Shmotolokha said in a press release.

Carroll will help Coppervale develop its existing energy management and efficiency strategies and expand the company’s sustainability offerings. He will also focus on developing opportunities in the North American and overseas telephony markets.

Carroll has more than 20 years of industry experience and has held chief technology officer positions with both Cable Partners and with Ish GmbH, and  was the CEO of Telenet Operations in Belgium.

Carroll has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Washington State University. He is a fellow of the U.K. Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers (SCTE), a member of the U.S. SCTE and has published a number of papers on the development of cable and telephony in journals around the world.

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