Cordata Family Dentist opening in September

By Isaac Bonnell

Dr. Terri Zweber is opening a new dentist office called Cordata Family Dentist at 147 W. Kellogg Road in Blossom Commons.

Zweber, who also co-owns Our Kitchen Is Your Kitchen in Barkley Village, has owned her own dentist office in Skagit County since 1992, but sold the practice in January to move up to Bellingham. Commuting between her Mount Vernon dentist office and the bakery in Barkley proved to be too time consuming, she said.

“I was doing dentistry about six hours a day, then I’d come up to the bakery for about 6 hours a day,” she said. “Now I won’t have a commute.”

Her new dentist office will be small, with only two chairs and three employees, Zweber said. She hopes to be open by the end of September.

For more information, contact Dr. Terri Zweber at (360) 734-6300.


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