Dave Pros

Whatcom County Council, District 1, Position B


1. Do you believe the business community should have an equal seat at the table with other interest groups (communities, environmental groups, etc) in discussing the future growth of Whatcom County? Please explain.

Yes of course, we need all parts of our community to participate in creating a long term land use plan.


2. Are you supportive of the current Port/City of Bellingham vision for redeveloping the New Whatcom Site, and should the County participate in those plans? Why or why not?

I am aware of various plans. I believe “current” depends on what day you are referring.

Yes of course the county should partisipate, we need all parts of our community to participate in creating any long term land use plan.


3. When it comes to land use planning, should the County work more closely with the other municipalities in Whatcom County to ensure a more cohesive plan?

I’m not sure what is meant by more… we should and do work as close as possible now. The problem occurs where we have no long term land use plan to give context to what we are trying to accomplish. Outside of immediate problem solving, what is the plan that we ultimately want to accomplish?

NO ONE KNOWS! We have not gotten together to determine that yet, I hope to start that process.


4. Do you support efforts to protect land currently designated for medium and heavy industrial purposes in the County for that purpose? Please explain.

Yes, we need a balanced approach to land use planning, and we need to have a long term land use plan to provide a context for today’s land use decisions.


5. Do you support efforts to find additional forms of identification to ensure Washingtonians and the citizens of British Columbia can easily cross our shared border? Why or why not?

More than drivers license and/or passports? No, not more than that.


6. What, in your opinion, is the primary cause of the decrease in the actual number of Whatcom County residents between the ages of 30 to 39 (primary working age) since 1996?

The marketing of Whatcom County has been very successful and consequentially housing has become more expensive.


7. Are you supportive of efforts to promote infill development in existing municipal areas? If so, how would you propose to do this?

Yes, with some changes. My proposal is called ‘STURP’ Small Town Urban Renewal Program.

Currently B’ham is trying to stuff new population growth outside the city by zoning high densities (24units/acre) in the furtherest (as of now) unincorporated areas around the city, while there are boarded up buildings in some of our small towns downtown core.

B’ham made a huge mistake when it chose to accommodate more than 51% of the whole county’s growth for the next 20 years.

With city Levels of Service dropping below legal limits, neighborhoods character being forced to change, unrealistic densities far away from downtown and the corresponding need for more infrastructure, taxes will need to rise sharply. All the while that population growth could enhance economic viability in our small towns.


8. What do you believe is the primary pollution issue for Lake Whatcom, and what do you propose to do in partnership with the City of Bellingham to address it?

It is a combination of, storm water & street run off, and the deterioration of what is already in on and around the lake. Needing to put more chemicals in our water to maintain the “quality” of our drinking water is not the answer. At this point we must rely on “Best Available Science” to answer what to do.


9. Should all businesses in Whatcom County be treated equally by the County, regardless of whether they are locally owned or not? Please explain.

I support local businesses, especially those that sell locally produced products.

Beyond that if products are not from local vendors, the people that work in those businesses are local people, I support local people.

Beyond that, I support working toward a higher per capita income for all County citizens and NOT spending taxpayer money to go outside our area and solicit competition for our local businesses.


10. If elected, what do you propose to do to interact on a regular basis with the Whatcom County business community?

I would have several “seats” at the table for the business and building industry to help create a long range plan for how we want our county to look in 100 years, not a wild guess, but a plan of goals where ALL segments of our community benefit.

We need all parts of our community to participate in creating a long term plan.

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